Monday, April 9, 2018

James Dickey for State Chair

This past weekend I had the privilege of carrying the proxy of SREC Committeewoman Virginia Prodan to the quarterly meeting in Austin.

Chairman Dickey gave his report to the members, and I will summarize it here:

  • 1,543,725 Republicans voted in our March 6 primary
  • $1.1 million in unrestricted cash raised by the RPT in the last 10 months
  • $548,484.13 in unrestricted cash on hand (20% more than two years ago)
  • 8998 delegates elected to our upcoming state convention
  • RPT knocked on 23,000 doors to support tax reform
  • Our Texas convention has three times the number of delegates as the Republican National Convention
  • Texas has the largest political convention in the United States
  • 3862 candidates are on our November ballot

In short, the Republican Party of Texas is on the right trajectory in both voters and funds. Chairman Dickey has proven himself to be an excellent fundraiser, a fair and transparent leader, and a positive and effective chairman.

Please join me in endorsing James Dickey for State Chairman. Go to to learn more and add your name to his list of supporters.

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