Wednesday, January 25, 2017

President Trump's Very Good Beginning

During the election, Candidate Trump liked to point out that most politicians are all talk, no action.

As I write this, it is January 25, only the third full business day of the first week of the Trump Administration.

But never mind that; Trump and his aides worked from literally the moment our new POTUS was sworn in, not to mention the incredible progress he made during the transition. I'm not sure if President Trump ever sleeps. This is an impressive display of action, of keeping campaign promises, and of efficiency.

What a difference it makes to have a successful businessman as our President!

Here are the Executive Orders signed in the first three days:

1. "Affordable" Care rollback
2. Regulation freeze

3. Stopping taxpayer-funded abortions in other countries
4. Withdrawing from the TPP
5. Federal hiring freeze
6. Keystone Pipeline approval
7. Dakota Access pipeline approval
8. Expediting environmental reviews for infrastructure projects
9. Use American steel in pipelines
10. Review manufacturing regulations
11. Border security and immigration enforcement

Thank you, President Trump, for being a man of your word and a man of action, not just talk.

In 2018, I hope that every single politician who will not work to make America great again will be voted out of office by those same voters who elected President Donald J. Trump.

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