Thursday, January 5, 2017

2017 and PEOTUS Trump!

Happy New Year!

For 2017, my resolution is to travel more and connect
with like-minded conservatives; my favorite thing to do!

The youngest of my four children is preparing for college next year. My oldest daughter was married in August. It's hard to believe!

Tim and I are looking forward to a new chapter and becoming even more active. 

Also, I am finally working on a book about my experience as the court reporter in the Paula Jones' sexual harassment depositions. Stay tuned.
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group, just let me know. Email, call, or text.

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We have won both the White House and the Congress! 
It's time to #DrainTheSwamp - Our Last Chance

Hey, Folks,

It's been a while since I've sent out a global email. I don't want to inundate you, our dedicated grassroots, with messages, unless it will spur you all on and hopefully encourage you to help in the cause of good governance. So here goes:

With a new President and Republican majorities in Congress, as well as in our Texas Legislature, we should be unstoppable in accomplishing major goals and #DrainingTheSwamp in D.C. The key word is "should." And if our elected officials don't take advantage of this long-awaited opportunity, we may never have another chance.

Not to be overly dramatic, but don't you agree that the world seems to be at a tipping point? Not just politically, not just socially, but spiritually? 

How then should we live? Seek truth and share information throughout your world of contacts. While some may not be receptive, our responsibility is simply to speak the truth and open others' minds to facts that they will never hear from traditional sources. We also must use discernment in knowing whom to trust as our source of news. Disinformation can be intentionally spread in order to discredit conservatives.

“As a matter of honor, one man owes it to another to manifest the truth.” 
                                                                                    ~ Thomas Aquinas

By the way, the whole "fake news" meme is an establishment attempt at propaganda. The spirit of Baghdad Bob is alive and well in the media. There has never been more "fake news" than we saw from supposedly trustworthy polling organizations and MSM networks in this last presidential election. We can no longer trust the main stream media to be honest. They have been co-opted and are in the pocket of the powers that be. 

Fortunately our President-Elect understands the power of direct communication with the voters. While the media and Senator Chuck Schumer criticize Trump as the Tweeter-in-Chief, Trump never hesitates to bypass the media and spread his message.

Back in 2015 I sent out an urgent request for conservatives to coalesce around one candidate. Every recent presidential election I hold out hope that we can all work together. I know; how naive am I? Hope springs eternal. Of course, that didn't happen. At the time, it seemed as if Senator Ted Cruz was our best bet. It was discouraging to see our own circular firing squad taking out good candidates, though some of our so-called conservatives still don't get it (see Kasich and Bush.) 

Beloved Phyllis Schlafly saw in Trump what I saw - something we have been lacking for a long time - a fearless leader who would not back down to the liberal Democrats and sold-out media. Tim and I were blessed to see Phyllis in Cleveland and spend time with her before her death. 

Phyllis recognized early on, as did I, that Border Security and America First are winning and exciting campaign themes that Trump wisely leveraged throughout the primary and general. Although not exactly on the same page as Christians as far as his maturity and faith, Trump is amazingly prescient in his message. Americans are literally starved for a leader who will put America first and who will be a true leader on the world stage. Christian leaders such as Pastor Jeffress, First Baptist Church Dallas, and others saw the potential in Trump early on in the campaign.

It is still hard to believe that Trump won. I am wrapping my head around this situation. Actually, my first impression of Trump as he came down that escalator in the summer of 2015 was positive. Why? Because he spoke to my own most important issue: border security. In 2006 I wrote a blog entitled, "If you Build it, They Will Vote." And vote they did. Trump tapped into those, like me, who want national security and the rule of law.

Not only did Trump take out all 16 of his GOP opponents, but he is our first leader in decades who didn't back down when criticized. So refreshing! He is the type of leader that we have needed for years; but the establishment is threatened by him. So be it. The establishment has failed us.

I am thanking the Lord that he has raised up a leader who is fearless and courageous. Is Trump a born-again Christian? Some say that he is now, but we don't really know. The good news is that he has many good Christians surrounding him, such as Mike Pence, and we must all pray for our next President's wisdom and salvation.

In addition to celebrating the election of President-Elect Trump and Vice President-Elect Pence, I have also been researching Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, his brother Tony Podesta, as well as the Clintons. While a lot of it is old news, it is still fascinating when you read about their lifetimes of corruption and how they have seemingly gotten away with so much. My research has turned up many disturbing facts.

I continue to travel and speak about my experience as a court reporter for the deposition of President Bill Clinton, which has triggered my interest in all things Clinton. They are a true crime family along the lines of any organized crime mafia family. The more you read, the more astonishing it is.

Quite frankly, most average Americans cannot handle this stuff. It is beyond the realm of many's imagination. The "normalcy bias" is real and makes it difficult to convince God-fearing citizens that such corruption exists in our country. While all of us should be thrilled that we have won a seemingly unwinnable election, we should be under no illusion that these next four years will be easy.

I truly feel that with a Trump White House and a GOP Congress that this is our last and best chance to #DrainTheSwamp, and the swamp is wide and deep. Some Republicans are deeply involved in the swamp, so there is danger on all sides.

Pray for the safety of PEOTUS Donald Trump. The vitriol and hostility that is directed towards him is unprecedented. In just fourteen days we will have a new President Donald J. Trump. We truly live in interesting times.

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