Wednesday, October 5, 2016

What Should Trump Say in Next Debate? Easy: AMERICA!

This Sunday is the second debate for Trump/Clinton. This is a crucial event. I wish that I was on staff with Trump so that I could speak to him directly. He must listen to advisors and be prepared. Kellyanne Conway has done an amazing job with little time left; now she has to cut through the noise and get Trump to focus on how to respond to any and every question. Ignore jabs and pivot! It's easier said than done, but he CAN do it.

Here are some suggestions:

Q.You called women dogs, pigs, etc. You hate fat women.

A. I create thousands of jobs and employ many talented women and have always promoted women's rights. I have an excellent plan to help stay-at-home and working mothers and families save money on day care, taxes, etc. Give details. Also, you have taken millions in corrupt Clinton Foundation speaking fees from countries where women are treated as slaves and where gays are executed.

Q. You paid no taxes.

A. My tax plan will give relief to the middle class, which is disappearing thanks to you and Obama, relief for small businesses and help create jobs. My corporate tax cuts and fair trade deals will bring money and jobs back to America. Give details.

Q. You are racist.

A. It will be my priority as president to protect American citizens from terrorism and criminal aliens who sneak into our country through unprotected borders. Cite victims. Law and order. Our country is more divided under Obama than it has ever been before. You would be another Obama.

Q. You have bad hair.

A. I love the Second Amendment! I will protect your right to keep and bear arms. Murica!

Q. You will blow up the world.

A. We are in great danger today because of you. As Secretary of State, your foreign policy has made us less safe than at any time in our nation's history. Benghazi. Libya. Russia. Syria. Iran. North Korea. You cannot trust Hillary with our armed forces. You can trust me. I would never leave our embassies unprotected and vulnerable. Make America Strong Again. As Reagan said, peace through strength. And also cyber security which is a growing threat to our infrastructure and which you clearly don't understand or you would never have put a server in your basement when it contained national security secrets and put our nation in jeopardy.

Q. You don't care about the poor.

A. My policies would bring back jobs and a rising tide lifts all boats. Our labor participation force is at an all-time low. People have given up. Obamacare has made health care unaffordable for almost everyone. We need to bring back jobs, competition, freedom from regulations, and repeal Obamacare.

Here is the message that Trump has been winning on...repeat these policies every day from now until November 8!

Anti-Establishment - No more insider politicians
Make our Border Secure - Stop illegal immigration
Eliminate taxes and regulations - Shrink intrusive government
Repeal ObamaCare - Bring back competition
Immigrant Vetting - No more unvetted refugees
Create Jobs, Jobs, Jobs - Fair trade deals, less corporate tax
Appoint Constitutional Conservatives to SCOTUS


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