Monday, October 3, 2016

The Incredible Clinton Crime Mob

As many of you know, I was the court reporter in the Paula Jones' sexual harassment case. Back in the '90's, it was patently obvious that the Clintons were dishonest and unethical. But I had no idea how bad it is.

Kudos to Paula Jones for speaking out; it is a miracle that she survived.

However, the more that I research the Clintons' history, the more incredible it becomes. It's unfathomable and never-ending.

Not only is Bill Clinton a sexual predator on an order of magnitude that is hard to comprehend, but Hillary is nothing short of a cold, calculating criminal. And totally unfit to be president.

While Bill was busy running women through the back door of the Arkansas Governor's Mansion, going on midnight "jogs," using the Arkansas state troopers as procurers of women and personal lookouts to warn him when Hillary was around, Hillary was hiring private investigators to harass, intimidate, and even harm anyone who got in her way.

While Bill was sleeping with a prostitute and fathering an illegitimate son, Hillary was discrediting and frightening anyone who dared to tell the truth about their actions.

As a powerful attorney in The Rose Law Firm, the most prestigious firm in Arkansas, Hillary used her position and Bill's governorship as vehicles to run roughshod over anyone who threatened her ambition.

How did they get away with this, you ask? The entire state of Arkansas became the domain of Bill and Hillary Clinton. They paid off everyone, they controlled the press, and they "took care" of anyone who refused to cooperate.

From the Mena, Arkansas airport, where hundreds of millions of dollars of drugs were delivered (Bill was hospitalized several times for cocaine overdoses, which probably explains why he never seemed to sleep to creating their very own state agency (Arkansas Development Finance Authority) to use as a slush fund to pay their cronies and launder drug money, the Clintons have operated with impunity on a level equal to the very worst organized crime mobs.

Who authorized the Arkansas Development Finance Authority? The details were proposed by Webb Hubbell, who also is rumored to be the real father of Chelsea Clinton.
The Arkansas legislature passed the bill, and voila, the Clintons would go on to use this state agency, which was supposed to fund worthy projects such as churches, schools and businesses, to give "loans" to their supporters. These loans were in actuality gifts that were never paid back.

Today the Clinton Foundation has taken the place of ADFA, and there are rumors of yet another foundation in Chelsea's name. Wikileaks may be forthcoming with those details shortly.

One of the most outspoken former Clinton employees is Larry Nichols. Larry is a Green Beret who was hired by Bill Clinton to work for ADFA. Larry Nichols, however, did much more than that. According to Nichols, he actually murdered the Clintons' enemies.

An Arkansas attorney, Gary Johnson, who offered to help Larry Nichols in the '90s, and who also happened to be a neighbor of Gennifer Flowers, was brutally beaten unconscious and almost killed.

Larry Nichols is now dying of lung cancer and has been speaking out on his past involvement with the Clintons. Because of his terminal condition, he has decided to come forward and tell the truth.

All of this aside, and there is so much that it is unbelievable, we now know that Hillary has lied to the FBI, she has destroyed evidence, she has obstructed justice, and her health is extremely poor. So how do the Clintons continue to get away with all of this? Again, they are so experienced at cover-ups, corruption and organized crime that it has become a way of life for them.

I recommend that you do your own research. With a little over one month before the election, it is imperative that Hillary be stopped. Also, we should all pray for the safety of Donald Trump. The Clintons will stop at nothing to win this election.

This is just a sample of what I have read. There is also plenty of information on youtube. I have no doubt that you will be just as appalled as I.

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