Monday, October 3, 2016

#NeverTrump Folks Should be Ashamed

Thank goodness that Senator Ted Cruz has finally endorsed Trump. Better late than never.

As for Eric Erickson, Steve Deace, and other #NeverTrump so-called conservatives, we can only hope that Trump wins and that they are marginalized for the bitter losers that they are.

If, however, Trump loses, the blame should be laid solely at their feet (no pun intended). 

SCOTUS is so much more important than whether someone's delicate sensibilities have been offended by Trump. 

Hillary as president would be a disaster of epic proportions. She has been bought and paid for by the elite globalists and lobbyists. Our beloved country cannot survive a Clinton presidency. 

For those who are reluctant to vote for Trump, here is just a sample of the reasons why he would be exponentially better than Hillary:

Top Ten Reasons to Vote for Trump

1. Immigrant Vetting
2. Lower Taxes
3. Fewer Regulations
4. Stronger Military
5. Secure Border
6. Pro-American Trade
7. Job Creation
8. Reform of the Veterans Administration
9. Restore Respect for the USA
10. SCOTUS!!!

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