Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Make the Establishment Listen! Announcing my Candidacy for Texas RNC!

Make the Establishment Listen!
Announcing my Candidacy for
Republican National Committeewoman
Following the encouragement of many friends, I am excited to announce my candidacy for Texas Republican National Committeewoman.
As a veteran of the RNC, I know the players. The Establishment, or GOPe,
is not listening to the grassroots voters. In order to make the RNC listen, Texas must make its voice heard.
I ask for your vote so that I can be
your anti-establishment grassroots
conservative voice on the RNC!
I endorsed Ted Cruz for President. My opponent did not, even
after he won our Texas primary. That is not leadership.
Senator Ted Cruz is a leader. Ted makes DC listen.
I ask for your vote so that I can make the RNC listen.
The RNC just doesn't get it. They have lost the last two presidential elections. Yet they continue to push the same moderate candidates
and elect the same leaders and hire the same consultants and listen
to the same DC insiders. 
Now we have Trump as our nominee. He is certainly no Ted Cruz.
But I will do everything that I can to help elect Donald Trump.
Why? Because the prospect of a Hillary presidency is terrifying.
The soul of our nation is at stake.
The United States Supreme Court is at stake.
Our national security is at stake.
Yet we have GOPe leaders who say they will not support Trump.
We know the Clintons will do anything to win back the White House.
They will lie, cheat, and steal, literally.
Here is an example of Bill Clinton lying, in his own words. This excerpt is from the oral deposition of President Clinton when he was sued by Paula Jones for sexual harassment. I just happened to be the court reporter for the deposition, and I witnessed him lie repeatedly under oath.
Q. Did you have an extramarital sexual affair
     with Monica Lewinsky?
A.  No.
Q. If she told someone that she had a sexual affair
    with you beginning in November of 1995, would
    that be a lie?
A. It's certainly not the truth. It would not be the truth."
It seems that the Clintons never tell the truth. Hillary is lying about
her emails, Benghazi, and the corrupt Clinton Foundation.
We know that this election is going to be the fight of the century. 
I ask for your help in winning this election.
And I ask for your vote so that I can make the RNC listen.
Denise's cell: 972-795-5118
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