Thursday, February 13, 2014

Early voting for the Texas primary begins in 5 days!

Early Voting: February 18 - February 28.

Primary Election: March 4

I am proud to announce my endorsement of Robert Talton for Texas Supreme Court. He is the true conservative in the race. During his 16-year tenure in the Texas Legislature we could always count on Robert Talton to be a reliable voice for Texas conservatives.

Talton is not only a former legislator but also a former police officer and judge. Visit his website here to learn more:

These Supreme Court elections are often decided by a very few votes yet they are extremely important positions.

From Texas Conservative Review:

"Robert Talton faces an entrenched 24-year incumbent in an uphill battle that he is fighting because it is the right thing to do. Talton's opponent, you see, violated judicial ethics, was caught doing it and fined for it; but the story doesn't stop there. For five years, this same judge, Nathan Hecht, has thumbed his nose at the law and refused to accept his punishment and pay the $29,000 fine. All this from someone who is supposed to uphold the law, not ignore it. We like Robert Talton for his unique perspective as a former police officer, judge and lawmaker and for the fact that he respects the law, unlike his opponent who apparently believes he is above it."

“I am a conservative who does not believe in judicial activism. Judges should interpret the
law – not legislate. The law should be applied fairly and equally to all parties. And I believe that our system of trial by jury, overseen by a fair, impartial and independent judiciary, protects our rights as citizens and ensures that justice is done.”    - Robert Talton

Robert Talton is a resident of Pasadena, TX with his wife Sue of 44 years. He is a father of two and a grandfather of five. Robert served asa United States Air Force Reservist and a City of Pasadena Police Office working his way through college to earn a law degree from South Texas College of Law. Robert then began a 26 year private law practice. He was elected to the Texas Legislature for 16 years as the State Representative for District 144. During his tenure, he served as a vice chair and a member of the Texas House Committee on Criminal Jurisprudence. He has volunteered as a Republican precinct chair for six years and as the Harris County Republican Party general counsel.

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