Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Time to Focus on Policy, not Personalities

For those of you who are sending me hateful emails and tweets, I apologize that I was right. But did anyone really think Simpson could win?

Believe me, it would have been an improvement in the Legislature had David Simpson been elected Speaker. It has been obvious for some time that he did not have any chance to win. None. Zero.

Please, Fellow Conservatives, please, let's be smart. We have to pick our battles. As a constituent, I didn't have a vote, and my State Rep, Stefani Carter, was not about to vote for Simpson.

If Jodie Laubenberg announces that she is not supporting a conservative for speaker, you have to know that the writing is on the wall. Jodie keeps her ear to the ground and is scared to death to be on the wrong side of conservatives; her support of Straus told me that other conservatives must be supporting Straus, too. She would not do it alone.

Did anyone who could actually vote ever announce their support of David Simpson for Speaker publicly? (Ben Stein: Anyone? Anyone?) I heard a rumor that he had two votes out of Tarrant County, Bill Zedler and Matt Krause, and also Bryan Hughes who decided not to run himself. Other than that, there was no one willing to go public.

The Speaker's race is an insider's game, and it may be that there were a lot of secret supporters who said they would vote for him if he had a majority, but again, if David Simpson called around and didn't have the votes, he should have saved us all the trouble. Secret support rarely pans out.

There are many policy battles coming up in this session; we need to work together on those issues. This ill-fated, now fizzled attempt to unseat Joe Straus hurts our cause.

Conservatives, I have fought the GOP establishment for years on every front. I, too, am frustrated. But let's choose wisely, not foolishly.

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