Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Quixotic Speaker’s Race Hurting Conservatives

If you look up the definition of quixotic, one definition reads:  “Caught up in the pursuit of unreachable goals; someone who is idealistic without regard to practicality; unrealistic.”
In the race for Texas’ Speaker of the House, we have been down this quixotic road before. I personally campaigned for Ken Paxton in 2010, believing that he had a chance to win. As it turns out, he did not. The vote was 132-15. Worse, he dropped out of the race before the vote was taken, leaving some of our most loyal and trustworthy conservatives holding the bag. Those who voted for Paxton, even after he had withdrawn his name from the race, became known as the “Texas 15,” and of those brave few, there are now only 10 left in the Texas House.
While Ken Paxton gained statewide name recognition and was able to win election to the Texas Senate, others did not fare so well. 
Leo Berman, Wayne Christian and Jim Landtroop lost their elections. Erwin Cain was paired in redistricting with Dan Flynn and did not run again. James White, who was also paired with another legislator in redistricting, was able to win reelection after a hard-fought race. Cindy Burkett was paired with Joe Driver, who did not run for reelection. 
So who is left of the original “Texas 15”? The “Texas 10” are: Cindy Burkett, Dan Flynn, Phil King, Jodie Laubenberg, Tan Parker, Charles Perry, David Simpson, Van Taylor, James White and Bill Zedler. Laubenberg has announced her support for Speaker Joe Straus, which seems to signal that the race is over.
As a conservative who believes in standing for principle, I appreciate David Simpson’s willingness to run. It just seems to me that if the votes are not there, it ends up hurting our cause more than helping. Speaker Straus will punish those who oppose him, and where is the wisdom in a futile attempt to win the speakership? Conservatives must choose their battles carefully. It is better to have the ear of the king than to attempt to overthrow the king and lose.


Linda Sue said...

I have long thought this also. Well said, Denise.

Steve Pendry said...

Thank GOD American Patriots didn't bow to the King the way you have. Remember, Straus won the seat from Craddick. In January 2009, Craddick was finally ousted as Speaker after nearly the entire Democratic Caucus and sixteen wayward Republicans broke ranks to vote for Joe Straus, a two-term Republican from San Antonio. And ever sense then Strauss has happily been screwing Conservatives at every possible turn. Straus doesn't seem to adhere to your "give in to get the goodies" philosophy, but we Conservatives are supposed to take it in the arse so the Liberal "Republican" can stay in power. You, and people like you, are the reason this country is going to hell in a handbasket. You and your friends in Washington would rather "play politics' than adhere to the Conservative principals that founded this country. So you just keep kissing Straus ass and see where it gets you.

Steve Pendry said...

It's a good thing that American Patriots didn't respond the way you do to a challenge, if they had, we would all be drinking tea instead of coffee. You rail about the Representatives Wimping out in Congress, while you promote it in the Texas House Speakers Race. You seem to forget the ouster of Tom Craddick in 2009. "In January 2009, Craddick was finally ousted as Speaker after nearly the entire Democratic Caucus and sixteen wayward Republicans broke ranks to vote for Joe Straus, a two-term Republican from San Antonio." Looks like Straus doesn't adhere to your "appeasement" philosophy. But, hey, we Conservatives should just bend over and take in in the arse, so the likes of Joe Straus,(RINO Supreme or should we call him the John McCain of Texas) can screw Conservatives at every turn of a vote. It's Republicans like you that are helping the Democrats send this country to "hell in a handbasket" just so we can all just "get along". Got news for you, "getting along" is NOT what Democrats do. Conservatives are forking sick to death of our elected representatives bending US over to take it up the arse, so they can stay in power and enjoy the perks.
Oh, and Joe Straus didn't seem to mind trying to overthrow the "king". but hey, better to suck the king's, you know what, than actually be a MAN and stand up for the principles of those who elected you. I noticed my Representative, Tony Dale, who kept telling us how "Conservative" he was, folded like a cheap house of cards on his first day in office. I'm going to work my ass off to get him unseated in the next election. I don't give a damn if I have to vote and work for a Democrat. I've had it with SPINELESS politicians who lie their asses off to get elected to only stab the people in the back that put them there. Mark my words, NOTHING of consequence to a Conservative will pass this legislative session and we will walk away as Weaker Citizens with fewer rights than we had when this session started. Guaranteed.

Steve Pendry said...

No Denise, it isn't well said, it is cowardly. Seems that is the mantra of today's Republicans, Spineless Cowardice.(yeah, I know you won't publish this one either.)

Denise McNamara said...

Steve, I worked hard for Paxton; it was foolish and hurt our cause in the session. Why run unless you have the votes? I never saw more than two votes for Simpson. It is flat out idiotic to try to run with no support. Where was the support??? I have stood up to establishment types every chance I've had, but I couldn't vote on this. And I know darn sure my state rep, Stefani Carter, wasn't going to either. I called her and never got a call back.