Friday, November 30, 2012


We are on the precipice, and Obama is laughing. POTUS appeared with his requisite "middle class voters" in a photo op press conference in which he asked for more spending and higher taxes. He is enjoying himself immensely, and it is because no matter how bad things get, he knows the media will blame Republicans. And he never has to run for office again, so what does he have to lose? Yet the campaign never ends.

Since that is the case, and we know it, then let's jump. Our economy is literally crashing in slow motion, but since most people do not care, let's speed things up. Raising taxes is morally wrong, period. Republicans should not agree to do it in the hopes of avoiding bad press.

Our debt is growing exponentially by the second, and Americans just do not think it's a big deal. When the Bush tax cuts expire, will they blame Bush? When the alternative minimum tax kicks in, will they blame Republicans? Of course they will. Truth no longer matters, only propaganda and spin.

Republicans must stand for fiscal conservatism. This is our core principle, and the one policy that all factions of the GOP should be able to support wholeheartedly. No new taxes, period. If we do not stand on principle in this instance, we will never stand for anything.

I, for one, say let's jump and sit back and watch Obama and his supporters experience the consequences. We know that no matter what happens, it will be Bush's and the Republicans' fault anyway.

I am not alone, it seems. Others agree...

Here are some of the consequences of "diving off the cliff":

If Congress doesn't act, during 2013 ...
... taxes increase about $500 billion because:
  • the 2001 and 2003 Bush tax cuts expire
  • the 2010 and 2011 payroll tax holiday ends
  • more people are hit by the alternative minimum tax
  • various corporate tax breaks expire
... and spending is cut about $200 billion through:
  • across-the-board cuts in federal agencies, equally divided between defense and non-defense programs
  • lower payments to Medicare providers
  • an end to expanded unemployment insurance

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