Friday, April 13, 2012

Voters Beware: "Texas Conservative Roundtable" created by Establishment for Establishment

It’s primary season, and every Republican candidate in Texas is desperate to be perceived as a “conservative.”

Very few, however, actually live up to the label.

Legitimate groups such as Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, Heritage Alliance, and Eagle Forum put out legislative scorecards following every legislative session to help voters identify true conservatives.

Moderate Republicans, looking for a way to counter the legitimate conservative watchdog groups, have come up with a plan. They have created an establishment front group titled “Texas Conservative Roundtable,” rumored to be backed by House Speaker Joe Straus.

This newly established group, however, is being called a fraud by Young Conservatives of Texas and appears to be a blatant attempt to mislead voters.

As an example, State Senator Craig Estes received an F from Empower Texans, yet he is recognized as a “Lone Star Conservative Leader” and given a grade of 100 by Texas Conservative Roundtable.

To all of those conservative wannabes out there, how about this: Vote for limited government, less bureaucracy, less regulation, and lower taxes. Then and only then can you claim the title of “conservative.”

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