Thursday, March 8, 2012

Primary Season Prepares Candidates

Some in the establishment and the press are bemoaning the drawn-out nature of the Republican presidential primary. Most of those who are complaining are Mitt Romney supporters. The fact is, whomever we ultimately select as our nominee will be up against the biggest war chest in presidential election history. As disappointing as President Obama has been, and as unbelievable as it sounds, there is obviously a chance that he could win reelection. With a billion dollars at his disposal, Obama will be a formidable candidate. Our nominee must be a masterful campaigner. Our last nominee, John McCain, was not. 

This time around primary voters are making sure that we choose the best possible candidate. We cannot mess this up. Forcing the candidates to endure this process is a good thing. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama battled it out until June of 2008; the primary did not seem to damage Obama.

FoxNews Contributor Dick Morris recently spoke at the Denton County Lincoln Reagan Day Dinner. He made the statement, “President Obama will not be reelected.” Here is his opinion in a video on YouTube.  

However, Morris also joked, during his remarks, about Mitt Romney: “A liberal, a moderate, and a conservative walk into a bar. The Bartender asks, ‘What can I get you, Governor Romney?’” That joke exemplifies why many conservatives are wary of nominating Mitt Romney. We want the best possible candidate to defeat President Obama. 

It is a long, drawn-out process, but ultimately it will help shape the nominee into the best candidate he can be. So disregard the pundits. We do not need to be forced to support a candidate if we are not ready. It’s only March, and there’s a long way to go until the convention. 

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