Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ongoing Redistricting Fight Necessitates a Delayed Primary

To:  Chairman Steve Munisteri, Republican Party of Texas

The redistricting fight that is taking place is causing an unprecedented hardship on non-incumbent candidates. 

In certain districts, entire counties have been added and then removed after candidates have already begun campaigning. In a multi-county district the uncertainty of district lines gives incumbents a solid advantage while placing challengers at a serious disadvantage. How are these candidates able to compete when they do not know where they are competing?

The Republican Party of Texas has a duty to represent all Republicans in making sure that there is ample time for candidates to adequately campaign. Until district lines are certain, how can candidates send direct mail? How can candidates decide how best to spend their resources? In a multi-county district, travel expenses from one end of the district to another are a substantial cost. Those candidates are in limbo. 

The only fair solution is to delay the primary, whether it be a unified primary or a dual one. I believe that a second primary for legislative candidates at a later date is the best way to address this unprecedented situation.

As Harold Cook said, "So, just to review, regarding the San Antonio Federal court hearing today: we have no hard filing deadline, for seats that don't yet exist, for an election date we don't know. Any questions?"

In representing Texas Republicans, the RPT must take into consideration the interests of all candidates, not just those who are currently elected officials.
Denise McNamara
Former Republican National Committeewoman

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