Wednesday, July 6, 2011

There's Hope for Dallas County

When the FBI staged surprise raids on County Commissioner John Wiley Price's house and office, as well as those of his friends, citizens of Dallas County cheered.

For years we have witnessed the corruption, shakedowns and shenanigans of JWP, culminating in the firing of Dallas County Elections Clerk Bruce Sherbert and the underhanded redistricting of County Commissioner districts designed to elect allies of Price.

Thank you to Maurine Dickey for her willingness to stand up to John Wiley Price on the Commissioner's Court.  Let's hope that JWP will get what he deserves.

Dallas County is on the road to becoming a "super massive blue hole" like Detroit unless we elect strong and ethical leadership.

For more details on the investigation,  I recommend the Dallas Observer articles.

And for fun, here's a hilarious video:

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