Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Anyone Else Tired of Politicians Crying Wolf?

In a recent CBS News interview, our President said, “I cannot guarantee that those checks (Social Security, military pay) go out on August 3rd if we haven’t resolved this issue.”  He also stated that he “didn’t know if there would be enough money in the coffers.”  How does he not know this?  In fact, he does know; he just prefers to use scare tactics.  Words like Armageddon and crisis are being thrown around in Washington, D.C., to describe everything from the debt ceiling deadline to the too-big-to-fail bailouts.  Politicians need to stop.  And for the President to engage in this kind of rhetoric is outrageous.  The biggest crisis that Americans are suffering right now is the governance of the Obama Administration.

Yesterday Fox Business Network senior correspondent Charlie Gasparino broke the story that the White House has been privately reassuring the banks that a default will not occur.  "I think the administration is being really duplicitous in this, " Gasparino said.  Meanwhile, despite some modest sell-offs, Wall Street is reacting calmly to the so-called looming crisis.  What is the motivation for the scare tactics?  

All that will happen if the debt ceiling is not raised is that spending will have to be cut.  Oh, no.  That is far from a crisis.  But to progressives, the thought of shrinking government and cutting spending is worse than Armageddon.  Newsflash:  Budget shortfalls are happening in virtually every state and city in America right now.  Governments are overspending and overtaxing.   That's what governments do.  As Ross Perot used to say, "Stop the bleeding!" There is enough to pay the debt, the Social Security, the Medicare, and the Military.  There is not enough to continue paying for an out-of-control government bureaucracy.  And boy oh boy, is it out of control.  The real problem is the possibility of a credit downgrade, which looks like it will happen no matter which plan passes in Congress.

Remember Al Gore’s Doomsday Countdown Clock?  In 2006 he predicted that we have only ten years until total destruction due to man-made global warming.  That was six years ago.  Democrats are particularly good at using hyperbole and exaggeration and junk science to sway public opinion.  They've now changed their terminology from "global warming" to "climate chaos."  In the wake of  "Climategate," in which British scientists falsified their climate research in order to corroborate this manufactured crisis, some people continue to buy into the radical environmentalists' agenda.  In fact, Al Gore and his friends are "crying wolf" solely to perpetuate their money-making hoax as they fly around on their fuel-guzzling private jets.

While the economy is faltering, unemployment is high, and the housing market continues to suffer, it is definitely not the end of the world.  Spending is out of control in D.C. and it has to stop eventually.  Printing more money is not a solution.  While Republicans controlled Congress and the White House, spending increased.  Under Obama, spending has skyrocketed.  Republicans need to gain control of the Senate and the White House in 2012 if we have any hope of getting this problem under control. Hopefully the GOP has learned its lesson and will have the will to make the cuts necessary, using Paul Ryan’s plan as a starting point.  Democrats will surely cry that it is the end of the world when the EPA’s budget is cut.  It will only be the end of their fear mongering.  And if we do not get spending under control soon, it may well be that a true crisis will ensue.

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