Tuesday, June 14, 2011

GOP Dream Team

With the announcement by Michele Bachmann that she has officially filed her paperwork to run for POTUS, the total number of GOP candidates has increased to seven.  All seven candidates performed well in last night’s CNN Debate, despite the annoying moderator John King.  Any one of them would be a significant improvement over President Obama.  Every one of them brings something to the table.  Here is my dream team for 2012.  Feel free to disagree.  Things will no doubt change before Election Day.  More candidates will enter the race.  Some candidates will stumble (as Newt, sadly, already has.)  But if it were totally up to me, there is plenty of room for every one of these leaders.  We need them!  If only we could convince them to work together.  I am including Rick Perry (who seems to be on the campaign trail) as well as Sarah Palin.

President – Michele Bachmann (first female Republican nominee for President)
Vice President – Herman Cain (first black Republican nominee for Vice President)
Secretary of Treasury – Ron Paul
Secretary of Commerce – Mitt Romney
Secretary of State – Newt Gingrich
Secretary of Labor – Tim Pawlenty
Attorney General – Rick Santorum
Secretary of Defense – Rick Perry
Secretary of Energy – Sarah Palin

And that’s my dream team.  If we could all work together, this group would be pretty amazing.  The Democrats would be totally outgunned.  Oh, to dream.

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