Monday, June 13, 2011


This is an excellent field of candidates.  Any one of them would be a HUGE improvement over President Obama.

Comments on the candidates based on this debate:

Bachmann - Smart, experienced, charismatic candidate who is ready and able to take on Obama.
Gingrich - Always gives informative and detailed responses.
Cain - Refreshing in his candor and common sense. Very likable.
Santorum - Strong conservative with good answers.  He would do away with ethanol subsidies.
Romney - Decent performance.  His business background is always appealing, but he seems to equivocate on some issues.
Pawlenty - He seems like the guy next door, very nice.  He also takes the courageous stand of supporting the elimination of ethanol subsidies.
Paul - Stressed his opposition to the Federal Reserve and to sending troops abroad; he seemed a little more mellow than usual tonight.

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