Friday, June 24, 2011

Cantor and Kyl Show Leadership

It's about time.  Could it be that the GOP leaders in D.C. will finally stand up to Obama?

Secret negotiations to cut a deal on the debt ceiling increase broke down yesterday when it was reported that Majority Leader Eric Cantor walked out, followed closely by Senator Jon Kyl.  The impasse occurred when Vice President Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats refused to take tax increases off the table.

Following years of reckless spending, the country is drowning in a tsunami of debt.  Senator Jim DeMint, a favorite of the TEA party, emphasized that Republicans must not cave on this issue.  "Republicans owe it to Americans to tell them where we stand and what we are willing to fight for, " said DeMint.

Thank you to Leader Cantor and Senator Kyl for standing firm.  We appreciate their leadership.

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