Monday, February 7, 2011

82nd Legislative Session is Underway: Time to Lobby in Austin

Now is the time to lobby your representatives in Austin.  If you are interested in monitoring bills on important issues,  go to the link below and search by bill number or key word.

82nd Legislature Regular Session – 82(R) 2011
Search Legislation by word/phrase, bill number, text, subject, author, sponsor, committee, filing date
Create a personal “bill list” at the “My TLO” option
Types of bills: 
Senate/House Bills SB1, HB1;
Senate/House Joint Resolutions SJR1, HJR1;
Senate/House Resolutions SR1, HR1;
Senate and House Concurrent Resolutions SCR1;
Joint Resolution - measure that requires passage by both chambers but does not require action by Governor; i.e. to propose amendments to Texas Constitution or U.S. Constitution
Concurrent Resolution - used to convey the sentiment of the legislature such as a memorial or request for action by another entity.

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