Monday, February 28, 2011

Legislative Lobbying Alert

Now is the time to call, write, and visit your state legislators and let them know that:

The Rainy Day Fund should be preserved - cut spending and don't tap the rainy day fund.

Gambling is not the way to cover the budget shortfall.
Support the Sonogram bill with the important provision of a 24 hour waiting period (removed in the Senate in order to get the 21 votes required).  Read the Texas Right to Life Side-by-Side Comparison of bills.

Support Voter ID (SB 14 has already passed the Senate).  There will be a hearing tomorrow, March 1, in the House Committee Voter Identification and Voter Fraud, Select.

Support the requirement of E-Verify for Texas Employers - HB 1888.

Oppose any resolution calling for a Constitutional Convention.

Map of State Capitol Building for those of you who will be visiting this week...

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