Sunday, January 9, 2011

Will our Republican Super Majority Cede Control to Democrats?

Not only did Republicans win big in November, the Texas House Republicans now have a super majority following the decision by two Democrats to switch parties. Will they take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, the way we know the Democrats would? Will they use this window to push through the legislation that Democrats have stymied for years? Or will they allow the Democrats to elect the Speaker of the Texas House, diluting the power that only a super majority can bestow?

When Democrats have the votes, they get down to business. As we saw with the Pelosi/Reid/Obama team over the last two years, it didn’t matter what the Republicans wanted. It didn’t even matter what the voters wanted. It only mattered that the Democrats push through their agenda, no matter the consequence. Now, even after substantial losses at the ballot box, the Democrats are still defiant and vowing to stop any attempt to repeal ObamaCare. Pelosi, Reid, and Obama are still in office, and their liberal agenda has not abated. Democrats are relentless, and they will always take advantage of power when it is in their grasp. Why don’t Republicans learn this lesson?

When the GOP has the votes, they too often fall victim to the “bipartisan” guilt trip emanating from the Democrats. We must work together, we must compromise, say the liberals. Media types and self-appointed wise men will hold forth about how Texas has a tradition of bipartisanship. Joe Straus has fallen victim to the Democrats’ promises of bipartisan cooperation. He would never have been elected in 2009 without their support. Legislation that should have passed last session did not pass because the Democrats stopped it from passing. That cannot be in dispute. Straus has the support of all of the Democrats in 2011. Why is that? Because he has promised to work with them. If they had the votes, do you think that the Democrats would work with the Republicans? Sure, they will work in a bipartisan fashion if it suits their agenda. But when it comes to true conservative initiatives, for instance the simple act of requiring a voter to show a photo identification in order to vote, they not only won’t cooperate, they vehemently oppose such measures. When it comes to cutting spending in order to balance the budget, they accuse Republicans of heartless cruelty. When it comes to securing our borders, they accuse Republicans of racism. The Democrats can spout propaganda about bipartisanship until the cows come home; but as soon as they have the votes, it’s back to their liberal agenda and their true colors. This super majority has a super opportunity. Let’s not forget that during this session. It’s time for Republicans to lead. If they won’t do it now, they may never have another chance.

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