Monday, January 10, 2011

Watching the Vote and Taking Names

It is amazing that some misguided members of my own GOP are circulating and obviously agreeing with a post by a certain liberal editor of a popular liberal publication.

If you support Straus, give solid policy-oriented reasons why, but don't support media elitist liberals and their arguments of "bipartisan tradition" and the "it's already over" argument.

This vote, while still not over, may be a foregone conclusion and it may not. But I personally am thankful that Ken Paxton is running so that we, once and for all, will see who wants a conservative agenda to be successfully enacted and who doesn't.

This vote will go down in Texas political history as the day that we separated the sheep from the goats. It really is about policy, no matter what the Dems, the Mods, and the media say.

Ken Paxton is the only candidate of the three Speaker candidates who voted against a margins tax on businesses in Texas. He did not cave into the pressure from then-Speaker Tom Craddick. He stood on principle. The representatives voting today in the caucus and tomorrow in the opening session should do the same.

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