Thursday, January 13, 2011

RNC Chairman Election is Friday, January 14

The Winter Meeting of the Republican National Committee is currently underway in National Harbor, Maryland.

On Friday, January 14, the 168 Members will undertake the daunting task of electing the RNC Chairman and Co-Chairman. Michael Steele, the current Chairman, was elected in 2008 and has served as RNC Chairman for the last two years, along with Co-Chair Jan Larimer of Wyoming. Tomorrow's election will determine who will lead the Republican effort for the 2012 presidential campaign to defeat President Barack Obama.

Each state and territory has three (3) representatives on the RNC. Texas is represented by State Chairman Steve Munisteri, National Committeewoman Borah van Dormolen, and National Committeeman Bill Crocker. As of the writing of this email, Munisteri has not publicly committed; Van Dormolen and Crocker have publicly committed to support Saul Anuzis, former Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party.

As in 2008, there are multiple candidates, so the election will likely take several ballots before a winner is named. C-Span should be carrying the RNC Meeting live if you are interested in watching. For a list of the endorsements for each candidate, go to

Here are the candidates:

Michael Steele - Incumbent (17 public commitments)

Reince Priebus - Chairman of the Wisconsin Republican Party (38 public commitments)

Saul Anuzis - former Chairman of Michigan Republican Party, also ran two years ago (14 public commitments)

Ann Wagner - former Chairman of the Missouri Republican Party, former Co-Chairman of the RNC, appointed as Ambassador to Luxembourg by President Bush (14 public commitments)

Maria Cino - operative from the Bush Administration, former RNC Deputy Chairman, endorsed by Speaker John Boehner (12 public commitments)

May the best man, or woman, win. Stay tuned!


Basset Hound said...

Denise, what are your thoughts on the new Chairman?

Denise McNamara said...

Basset Hound, Reince Priebus seems like a very good choice to me. He had great success as chairman of Wisconsin; he is friends with Congressman Paul Ryan, one of the stronger House leaders and an expert on how to cut spending; and he seems young and energetic. Don't know him personally, but looks promising for the 2012 elections!