Friday, January 21, 2011

Proposed Legislation would allow Guns on Campus and in Employees' Vehicles

From Texas Insider:

“I don’t blame guns. I’m not mad at the guy that killed 23 people, including my parents, at the Killeen Luby’s years ago. How can I be mad at a rabid dog? I blame politicians that legislated away my right to carry a gun to protect myself & my family. I made the most stupid decision of my life when I decided, several months before the Luby’s shooting, to stop carrying a revolver in my purse in the event I would be caught & lose my chiropractor’s license. That decision left me unarmed at the time when I most needed a gun.
             Suzanna Hupp, former Texas State Representative, Lampasas

Two proposals to expand the right-to-carry laws in Texas are making their way through the legislative process.  Backed by the NRA, the "campus carry" bill would give citizens with Concealed Handgun Licenses the ability to protect themselves on university campuses.  Also NRA-endorsed, the "parking lot" bill would allow employees with lawfully-owned firearms to store the guns in their vehicles while parked at their places of employment.

Currently, some corporations maintain policies which prohibit employees from storing firearms in their personal vehicles while parked on company parking lots, thereby denying those employees the right to protect themselves on their daily commute.  House Bill 681, introduced by Tim Kleinschmidt (R-Lexington), is the House version of the parking lot bill; Glenn Hegar (R-Katy) is the author of
SB 321, the senate version.

While evidence clearly shows that criminals will obtain guns regardless of laws or policy, current Texas law, as well as administrative policy, prohibits Concealed Handgun Licensees from carrying their handguns at institutions of higher learning.  Senator Jeff Wentworth (R-San Antonio) has filed
SB 354, a bill to allow Texans with CHLs to protect themselves on college campuses.  State Representative Joe Driver (R-Garland) has filed the companion house bill, HB 750.

Corporate lobbyists as well as university administrators will vigorously oppose both measures.  Please contact your state representative and state senator to voice your opinion.  To read these bills in their entirety, go to

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