Thursday, November 18, 2010

State Rep or Scared Rabbit?

This is a defining moment in Texas politics. Republicans comprise two-thirds of the Texas House. The usual suspects (media) proclaim that the legislature should operate in a bipartisan fashion. The last session was bipartisan and the conservative agenda was stymied. Now the GOP has the votes, and yet many Republicans seem hesitant to elect a strong Republican leader. If our representatives fail to lead during this unprecedented opportunity, they will never lead. If your state representative fails to take a stand, he will never take a stand. This is the time when we find out who has the courage of his convictions.

Do you have a strong state representative or a scared rabbit, running for cover? During the last session, Speaker Joe Straus was seen literally running from the floor of the House when debates became too contentious. Straus is no leader. Hopefully Republicans will seize this moment.

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