Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Would Winning the Senate be a Good Thing for GOP?

Barring some type of national voter fraud on an unprecedented scale, Republicans will surely gain control of the U.S. House in January. Some pundits are also predicting a GOP takeover of the Senate, although it is seen as a much tougher feat. Republicans need to win ten seats to gain a Senate majority. And if that happens, Republicans will control all of Congress for two years prior to the next presidential election – exactly what happened in 1994. That Republican takeover enabled Congress to stop much of President Bill Clinton’s agenda, Clinton moved to the center, and voila, he was reelected to a second term.

Most Democrats – those with any common sense at all – realize that Obama’s radical agenda has damaged their party. The question is: Would President Obama moderate his policy positions if Republicans control Congress? Would he resurrect his poll numbers and regain his popularity? Is he a pragmatist or an ideologue? I believe he is the latter, but he may try to disguise his true colors, hiding behind the GOP Congress, in order to get another four-year chance to achieve his goals. See: Bill Clinton.

He could also do this even with a Democrat-controlled Senate, but it is more likely to happen if Republicans sweep both houses. So, would that be a good thing? A GOP House might be enough to stop the Obama train and set the stage for 2012 without need of a Senate majority. And most of us out in the heartland realize that even if Republicans win both houses, that doesn’t guarantee that we will get our country back on track immediately. President Obama will still have veto power, and Republicans may still be stymied.

So my opinion is that winning the House is the best-case scenario. If we win the Senate, we run the risk of helping reelect President Obama. That would be the worst-case scenario.

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