Monday, September 20, 2010

From Summer of Relapse to Autumn of Angst

When President Obama and Vice President Biden announced their “Summer of Recovery” tour last June, it was received with some skepticism. Three months later, with no new jobs in sight, no economic growth in evidence, and voters becoming increasingly alarmed, it seems that the Summer of Recovery was actually a Summer of Relapse.

The trillion dollar stimulus plan that the Democrats passed has not worked. The jobs that this Administration promised have not materialized. Instead, three million jobs have been lost since the stimulus was enacted. The big question on everyone’s mind is: What now?

This week marks the beginning of autumn, and the best word to describe the mood of Americans is one of angst. Will the stock market crash? Will the bond bubble burst? Is the dollar still viable? Should we buy gold? Is this just the beginning of the economic tsunami? Theories abound, but one fact is clear: Experts and laymen alike are apprehensive. Never in American history have Americans been in debt to this extent, both personally and in our government. China continues to manipulate their currency to an artificially low level, giving them an unfair trading advantage. Europe seems to be worse off economically than the U.S., having followed a socialist path to entitlement and excessive taxation.

American voters, whether Republican, Independent, or Democrat, realize that Obama’s agenda of change has led us down a path of uncertainty which only fuels the economic instability.

The good news is that the November election promises to bring new faces and new leadership. Contrary to liberal propaganda, the new crop of GOP candidates exude common sense and fiscal restraint, not radical ideology. What’s radical about spending only what you have? What’s radical about following the Constitution? The media is doing its best to paint GOP candidates as Crazies. Americans aren’t buying it. And November can’t get here fast enough.

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