Thursday, June 3, 2010

When All Else Fails, Elect Conservatives!

Hurricane season is here, and while a lot could happen between now and November, the Democrats may be facing a Category 5 storm. Republicans lead by eight points in the latest Rasmussen generic ballot poll, and 64% of Americans believe that our country is on the wrong track. Independents are swinging to the right, and the wind gusts are only getting stronger. Incumbents are in danger of being swept away. What’s worse, the white caps are tinged with the oil from an unimaginable tragedy. What is shaping up to be a sad year for our country, a disaster for the gulf, could also be the perfect storm…for the GOP.

Americans gambled on President Obama, believing his inspirational campaign style would carry over into his administration. He has rapidly gone from inspirational to arrogant to incompetent. When you have James Carville and Spike Lee publicly chastising the President for his lack of leadership, it’s obvious that even Democrats are having buyer’s remorse. We’ve digressed from hope to despair in less than two years. Thank goodness the November election is in five months.

The good news for Republicans: A majority of Americans disagree with the President on ObamaCare, bailouts, government takeovers, unsustainable national debt, lack of immigration enforcement, Israel, Iran, and now the handling, or non-handling, of the catastrophic gulf oil spill. Our President is not listening. Americans want change all right, in the form of an all-new Congress. So for the next five months, Republicans need to batten down the hatches, prepare for November, and work together. You know the drill. If you are able, send a contribution to a congressional candidate. Walk precincts for your local conservatives. Write to your congressman and senators. Email your friends. Use social networking to rally the base. In 180 days we can make our voices heard. Maybe President Obama will hear us then. Let’s make sure that he has no choice.

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