Monday, June 28, 2010

State Rep Candidate Stefani Carter is Living the Dream

GOP Candidate for the Texas House Stefani Carter is all about possibilities. Growing up in Dallas, she never doubted the fact that with hard work she would be able to achieve her goals. And having graduated from Harvard Law School, she has made an impressive start.

Now Stefani wants to give back by serving in the Texas House, a job that pays little but provides untold satisfaction. Her conservative Texas values, while somewhat unusual at Harvard, make her the perfect GOP candidate for a legislative district in Dallas. She is challenging the Democratic incumbent in District 102, which includes North Dallas.

While Democrats seem to believe that they have a lock on impressive minority candidates, Ms. Carter is proving them wrong every day. Their relentless attacks on everything from her speeches to her resume reek of desperation. The Dems know that they need to keep that seat in the Texas House. And they know that Stefani Carter has a pretty good chance to win it back for the GOP.

Stefani Carter is all about fulfilling dreams. Let’s hope that all of hers come true.

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