Sunday, June 13, 2010

"Munisteria" Sweeps Convention

Texas GOP Delegates Elect Steve Munisteri State Chairman

For the first time in Republican Party of Texas history, a challenger defeated an incumbent in the race for state party chair. Steve Munisteri of Houston beat Cathie Adams, who had been elected in October by the state executive committee.

“Stand with Steve” signs and stickers blanketed the convention, and enthusiasm for Munisteri energized the delegates. Steve, founder of Young Conservatives of Texas, brings decades of experience in political organizing to the state party, and GOP insiders believe that this will be a new era in Texas Republican politics.

The last time that convention delegates chose a new state chairman was 1994 when they elected Dallas attorney Tom Pauken, current chairman of the Texas Workforce Commission. Since Pauken resigned mid-term in 1997, the SREC has been electing the state chair between conventions, allowing that interim chair to run as an “incumbent” at the subsequent state convention. Because an incumbent chairman sets the agenda for the convention, appoints committee chairs, and in general is large and in charge on stage, it is difficult to oust a sitting chair. Newly elected Chairman Steve Munisteri has broken the cycle of circumventing the delegates, and after 16 years of rubber-stamping the SREC, Texas Republicans have once again found their voice.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to you and Tim for hosting Steve Munisteri and Tom Mechler at your residence in May. It was helpful to meet them and hear their goals and plans for rejuvinating our Texas GOP, and to see their solid conservative cores.

Thanks for your part in making the 2010 RPT Convention an exciting event!


cadilac2 said...

You showed exceptional class in your bowing out. Statesmanship is often in short supply but you showed it in spades.
I thought the convention went well EXCEPT the Platform process was total mayhem with no redline from the 2008 with which to compare. I talked with Wayne Christian about it and received a totally unsatisfactory answer. We can and should ask candidates to support the platform, but not when its chaotic and thanks to no redline we didn't even get to address some of the most glaring problems.
Finally, I'd like to suggest we change the order of things to conduct the business earlier in the convention so that we are not left tired, etc. when there is still business to be conducted.

Anonymous said...

It has been 14 days since the convention and still no PUBLIC congratulations from Cathie Adams, former RPT chair, to Steve Munisteri, newly elected chair. I am just so disappointed that Cahtie has not shown her support for the party. It is not about an individual but who & what is best for the RPT. So sad that her supporters continue to malign Steve.

We must ALL be united to win in November!