Monday, June 28, 2010

Haldenwang's a Carpetbagger, Baby

Dems have recruited an Austin insider to try to take out conservative stalwart Linda Harper Brown. Loretta Haldenwang, a Democrat consultant from Austin, landed in Irving just in time for the 2010 primary for Texas House District 105. What made her suddenly pack up and move to Irving? She now commutes to work in Austin – quite a sacrifice. Evidently winning a seat in the Texas legislature is worth more than the extra cost of gas. And since 96% of her primary campaign contributions came from outside of the district, it’s pretty obvious that the folks supporting her don’t live in District 105.

The Democrats know that one obstacle to their socialist dreams of bigger government and increased spending is State Representative Linda Harper Brown. Harper Brown is in sync with her constituents as a fiscal and social conservative. Yet the Dems are trying to fool District 105 residents by promoting an Austin liberal in this mainstream conservative district. They would love nothing more than to steal her seat by any means necessary. Voters aren’t that gullible.

As the lyrics to this Jesse Lewis song so eloquently phrase it: (,):

I'm a carpetbagger baby

I'm coming to your town

I'm gonna treat you kind

I'm gonna rob you blind

I'll smile all the time

Voters in District 105 should beware – Haldenwang is not one of them. She was recruited by Democratic operatives and funded by contributors from outside the district. Loretta is definitely a carpetbagger, Baby.

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