Monday, June 28, 2010

ICYMI: Democrat Incumbent State Rep Carol Kent is a Liberal

While it should not come as a shock to those who are paying attention, State Representative Carol Kent, District 102 in North Dallas, is a card-carrying liberal.

When District 102 voters elected her in 2008, she defeated long-time incumbent Tony Goolsby. A Republican district for two decades, Carol Kent’s upset victory may be short-lived. Since taking office, Kent has received a 10% rating from the Young Conservatives of Texas. Texans for Fiscal Responsibility gave her a paltry 28%.

With the House facing a multi-billion dollar budget shortfall, and with Texans weathering a brutal economic climate, do the residents of District 102 really want to re-elect a spendthrift Democrat? Ms. Kent is neither a fiscal nor a social conservative. Annie’s List, a pro-choice political organization that recruits liberal women candidates to run for seats in the Texas Legislature, endorsed her. To top it off, Kent is anti-gun, as well. The Texas State Rifle Association’s web site states, “She is no friend to gun owners.”

So, if you are concerned about the very real possibility of the next Texas Legislature increasing our taxes, wasting our money, restricting our guns, and limiting our freedoms, Democrat Incumbent Carol Kent is not the candidate for you.

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