Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bureaucracy Stalls F-35 Production

Wasteful Bureaucracy Stalling Production of Much-Needed F-35 Joint Strike Fighter

The Joint Strike Fighter, or F-35, is the next generation of fighter jet scheduled to be deployed by our Armed Forces. Its production, unfortunately, has been bogged down by lobbyists and politicians who are attempting to fund the manufacture of an alternate engine for the JSF – an engine that is not needed, according to the Pentagon and the Department of Defense.

Citing the need for competition, Congress has repeatedly reinstated funding for the alternate engine, stalling production on the F-35 for four years. This is exactly the type of political maneuvering and wasteful bureaucracy that infuriates common-sense Americans.

What is more important, lobbyists for GE and their political cronies or providing our troops with state-of-the-art aircraft in a timely manner?

Call your congressman and ask them to stop wasteful spending on an engine that we don’t need and fund the immediate manufacture of the Joint Strike Fighter that our troops do need. Our security depends on it.

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