Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Huckabee: Growin' on Me

Warning: It is too early to endorse any presidential candidate for the 2012 election.

Following the whole Fredhead phenomenon of ’08, which was so much fun but ultimately disappointing, it’s way too early to jump on any presidential candidate’s bandwagon. Right? Yes, way too early. For political junkies, presidential campaigns are the ultimate fix, and it is tempting to jump in prematurely. Having said that, Governor Mike Huckabee is starting to look better and better. And I am sorely tempted. Keep repeating the following: must not endorse, must not endorse…

While it’s only ’09, and we have three more long, Obama-filled, agonizing years until the 2012 elections, it doesn’t hurt anything to think ahead. Remember that the 2008 election started earlier than any presidential election in history (and Fred dilly dallied so long that he was too late), and 2012 will likely follow suit. We presently have several current and former GOP Governors who would fit the bill as our 2012 candidate.

Governor Tim Pawlenty is already, unofficially, running, having announced that he will not run for reelection as Governor of Minnesota; he obviously learned the lesson of the ’08 campaign that it’s never too early to start campaigning for president. You have to wonder how close he came to being McCain’s running mate…I’ll bet he came in second. And he lives very close to Iowa.

It’s hard to imagine that Governor Mitt Romney would not run, and he’s an impressive candidate; no doubt about it. Few candidates worked harder or smarter than he did in ’08. He seems like the quintessential perfect GOP candidate, doesn’t he? With our economy being the number one issue in the polls, his business background is very appealing.

And of course there’s Governor Sarah Palin, whose new book, Going Rogue, is a best seller on amazon.com, and who continues to travel the country making speeches and appearances. Her rock star status among the base puts her right up there at the top of the list as well.

Governor Bobby Jindal also comes to mind; bright, young, conservative, and appealing on many levels, his Indian ethnicity and the fact that he is the son of immigrants creates an intriguing candidacy, although he is on record as stating that he will not run in 2012.

Now let’s consider Governor Mike Huckabee. His new television show on FoxNews, Huckabee, is beating the competition in ratings, while showcasing his genial personality and his impressive intellect. Governor Huckabee enjoys discussing issues with folks of every political persuasion: He even invited Bill Mahr to appear on his program. And Bill Mahr accepted. That’s amazing. And that’s exactly what the GOP must demand in its 2012 presidential candidate. Mike Huckabee does not fear liberals. He mentors them. We also must elect a candidate who identifies with the average American: Down-home Arkansas-born Huckabee fits the bill to a tee. We require a candidate who is comfortable with our faith-based beliefs: Can’t do better than Huckabee, a Baptist minister. We crave a candidate who doesn’t get the “deer in the headlights” look when asked a tough question: Nothing fazes Huckabee. We want an experienced candidate who inspires confidence: Huckabee performed well in all of the ’08 debates. He’s a pretty cool guy. And he plays the guitar. Keep repeating: Must not endorse, must not endorse…

The 2008 roster of presidential candidates was extremely crowded, and with several excellent men from which to choose, primary votes were diluted. That could very well happen again. Every four years we have candidates who run to put a spotlight on a particular issue, such as Tom Tancredo and border control. But those candidates inevitably cannot win, and they end up hurting the conservative cause. (Question: Has any congressman ever won the presidency?) Many of my good friends supported candidates who were in single digits in the polls and couldn’t generate enough votes, or dollars, to campaign effectively. Let’s try to avoid that mistake this time around. Conservatives who are interested in actually winning must coalesce behind one solid, eminently qualified, undoubtedly electable candidate. Could that candidate be Mike Huckabee? That bandwagon is looking really attractive to this former Fredhead. But what will we call ourselves? Huckabee Wannabes? For now, we’ll just have to settle for joining the Huckabee fan club and Huckabee 2012 facebook groups. It’s going to be a long three years.


bmk said...

"But what will we call ourselves? Huckabee Wannabes? For now, we’ll just have to settle for joining the Huckabee fan club and Huckabee 2012 facebook groups. It’s going to be a long three years."

Or you could join Huck's Army. www.forum.hucksarmy.com
Trust me, it is the place for your political fix.

Denise McNamara said...

Thanks, bmk! I will visit the site asap.

Bob Rockhill said...

Hucks Army is the place to be if you want to know everything going on about Huckabee. Great forums. Great info.

Grace 77x7 said...

Love your article! I was a Fredhead for a while, too; he just seemed to fizzle out before he finally started. So disappointing.

Romney probably won't do as well this time out as he did in 2008. He's got Massachusetts-care hanging around his neck like a millstone & he was a TARP cheerleader - neither one of those supports the idea of him as an economic wizkid politically.

Things could change, but his opponents will probably be able to do a lot of damage with those in our current conservative resurgence.

I like Palin, but she has to find a way to overcome her Dan Quayle stigma in order to get anywhere and 2012 is, in all probability, not enough time.

Pawlenty is a nice guy, but no charisma - and I've heard from folks in his state that he will have some baggage of his own to contend with. Plus, he looks to be the guy that the GOP hierarchy may be pushing this time out - that could be the kiss of death with our TEA party climate right now.

I'm convinced that Huckabee is the best shot we've got at taking the WH back.

You don't hear about it on the MSM, but he took AR from a major deficit to an almost $3bn surplus while he was governor - and he did it while working with a Democrat legislature who hated him so much that they nailed his office door to the chamber shut!

Here's a guy who can handle partisanship because he has dealt with it at its worst! Not by using nuclear options, but by winning enough of them over to get them all to work together when it mattered.

So many of today's pols encourage the division & animus between us because they can profit politically by it. Wouldn't it be awesome to have a guy in office who actually wanted to see our country united and had the ability to initiate that healing?

Thanks for the article!

Anonymous said...

What a great article! As a Huckabee supporter (I have already crossed the line), I especially loved it. But what impressed me the most about your article is how you stayed completely verticle and positive in your review of all the candidates. Under your lens, conservatives simply cannot lose in the next primary season -- and that is an absolutely wonderful perspective.

Denise McNamara said...

Grace, I agree with you on every point. Huckabee sure seems to be the most well-positioned of all the candidates. Go Huckabee Go! (I guess now he just needs to go ahead and announce his candidacy, small detail.)

Denise McNamara said...

I have to give a shoutout to my friend Karl: Yes, you were right and I was wrong.

carlene said...

I thought all of those things about Huckabee during the last presidential primary. So Im in on the Huckabee thing, been there done that. Im really concerned about a crowded republican field too and then more concerned about splitting the vote with a libertarian candidate. That gives us 4 more years of Obamas agenda. I stop by the Hucksarmy site from time to time to stay in touch and of course I watch the Huckabee show.

Lynn said...

You're not the only one who's starting to notice Gov. Mike Huckabee. Seems like Huckabee's been winning a LOT of the recent national polls, from all the major pollsters (Gallup, PPP, Rasmussen). I think Huckabee was ignored by the media last time (or lied about), so people didn't really get to know him or his excellent record. Now that they're getting to hear Huckabee, they like what they hear.

I always enjoyed him in the debates -- the things he said made a lot of sense, without being condescending or sneering like so many of the candidates did.

I looked at Huckabee's record in Arkansas when he was governor for 10+ years, and I was impressed. He cut taxes dramatically while improving the roads, schools, and health care for poor children. He still has a very high approval rating there, including VERY high approval among African-Americans. When Hurricane Katrina hit, he had a plan already in place for housing and caring for thousands of LA residents who fled north to Arkansas. He did it all by efficiently mobilizing volunteers all across the state. Now THAT's leadership.

justgrace said...

I agree that Huck's Army is a great place to learn and discuss all things Huckabee.

But here is a warning. You may get hooked with daily (or several times a day) visits to keep up on the latest speeches, events, polls, discussion of politics, etc. You will certainly learn to be even more impressed with Gov. Huckabee and the smart and kind people who support him. :-)

But look at it this way: It is a very good education and preparation for 2012.

Also, Huckabee and his fans are generous and wise enough to know that we need also to support local and state conservatives in order to affect our nation positively in 2010 and build up to 2012. You also might want to visit HuckPac.com to see who Governor Huckabee is endorsing for other offices. Yeah, another good thing--this man is unselfish enough to spotlight other good candidates. (Not to say that he is a presidential candidate, yet.)

Anonymous said...

IMO Governor Huckabee is a "dream candidate" and we couldn't possibly do any better!! He is brilliant and has the perfect temperment for the job! He is honest, open and he knows what he stands for and can explain it to us so that, whether we agree or not, we ALL can see his point. He knows how to work across party lines for the betterment of this country, something Obama promised and is certainly NOT delivering. I agree that we need to rally behnd our guy early and build the strongest grassroots possible to defeat the Obama administration in 2012!

Karl said...

Thank you Denise!

Anonymous said...

A quick reminder of why Romney spent $100 million and only won primaries in three states -- his "home" states of Michigan, Massachusetts, and Utah:

Before running for president:

* Endorsed Roe v Wade and abortion on demand, and endorsed in return by pro-abortion groups. Famously said in 2002: "I do NOT take the position of a pro-life candidate."

* Signed into law a govt-mandated healthcare bill, the precursor to ObamaCare, which tax-funds abortions on demand and statutorily designated a special seat for Planned Parenthood on the plan's governing board.

* Endorsed Ted Kennedy's federal "gay rights" legislation, gays in the military, tax-funded marital benefits for homosexual "partners," and opposed a state Marriage Protection Amendment. Endorsed twice by the homosexual Log Cabin "Republicans."

* Opposed the 1994 Contract with America and declared that he was an Independent during the Reagan administration. Voted for Paul Tsongas for president in the 1992 Democratic primary.

* Opposes the nationwide Boy Scout policy prohibiting openly homosexual Scoutmasters.

* Endorsed the Brady Bill and the federal Assault Weapons Ban.

Though I could go on for another foot of text, that's enough for now...

BusmasterJones said...

I voted for him in the 2008 Texas primary, so you know I am on board. I'm glad to see that others are lining up to support Huck, too.

Justin said...

I wouldn't have voted him, but at least he did opposed the bailouts.

Denise McNamara said...

Let me guess...you would vote for Ron Paul?

Anonymous said...

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