Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Royal Masset: "Lost" Legislative Session

Royal Masset, long-time Republican, gives his opinion on the "lost" legislative session and the lack of leadership in's an excerpt. Full OpEd at link below.

Talk about substantive ideas of governing. Stop chanting the word “conservative” like a village idiot. The word has lost its meaning. Many of our primary debates have been little more shouting matches to see who is the most conservative. This may be great for winning the March Republican primary. But it may not win in November.

I’m not even sure what “conservative” means anymore. One of “conservative’s” meanings used to be more local control. But in the “lost Session” the so called conservative position was against local option for things like red light cameras and taxes for local transportation systems.

For the first time since the early 1990’s, the Democrats will field Class A candidates. John Sharp, Kirk Watson and Bill White are among the best candidates ever fielded for statewide office. They all have proven track records in governing. They are not second string “miracle team” media freaks. So far we Republicans are lucky they have focused on the US Senate special election and have designated a weak candidate, Tom Shieffer, to run for Governor.

While I love Rick Perry dearly, he would serve Texas Republicans best by not running for reelection. Conservatives used to favor term limits.

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