Friday, July 24, 2009

Pro-Life and Pro-KBH: Here's Why

The National Right to Life Committee shows Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison voting with them on 43 out of the last 46 votes. NARAL Pro-Choice America has given Senator Hutchison a 7% rating. How can anyone say with a straight face that KBH is pro-choice with that kind of voting record? Leader Dick Armey has introduced her at a recent campaign event by recounting how Sen. Hutchison worked closely with him to prevent taxpayer funded abortions in foreign countries (the Mexico City policy).

On the other hand, Governor Rick Perry chose to endorse the ONLY pro-choice candidate for President in 2008, Rudy Guiliani, and he did so early on. Perry's record is one of political expediency, and believe me, it is very politically expedient to be pro-life as a Republican in Texas. Because of Perry's pandering to the pro-life base, he has been able to get away with murder on virtually every other issue. I, for one, am tired of his political pandering designed in order to cover his you-know-what on the TransTexas Corridor, Margins Business Tax, selling out to Merck by issuing an Executive Order requiring 12-year-old girls to have a vaccination for a sexually transmitted disease, etc., etc. There is a long list.

Perry is a great politician. He is hopping on the anti-Obama bandwagon. But Senator Hutchison is working hard against Obamacare in D.C. She just isn't quite as self-promoting. Perry refused federal stimulus money only to have to turn around and borrow the money to shore up our unemployment fund, which will now have to be repaid. Senator Hutchison should be talking a little more about Perry's obvious mishandling of that and many other issues. She is just a little busy being a U.S. Senator.

The choice is between two candidates: One, a politician who will do or say anything to get elected; and the other, a statesman who tells the truth regardless of whether you agree with her or not. I choose honesty.

Hopefully, should KBH become Governor Hutchison, this pro-life conservative will be able to have some influence. The pro-lifers who have, in the past, tried to embarrass and exclude our Texas Senator from the ranks of national delegates in their misguided attempts to wield their perceived power have alienated one of our most influential elected officials. This does not help the pro-life cause. While I disagree with Senator Hutchison on a few issues, I disagree with Governor Perry on many more.


Melvin Dodd said...

Thanks for this and your other posts about the governor's race. I have been so frustrated over the Trans-Texas Corridor fight (and other things also) that I have sworn I would never again vote for Rick Perry. But I've had serious doubts about Kay Bailey Hutchison also. These comments certainly enlighten me somewhat. I have not made a definite decision, but I'm still leaning heavily toward never voting again for Rick Perry.
John Melvin Dodd
Gilmer, TX

Kay said...

I don't understand why KBH has been so villified by Texas conservatives. She has been a strong conservative.

Melvin Dodd said...

Has she really been such a strong conservative? What are the battles that she has fought? I don't remember her manning a battle station in the Senate to fight against the socialism and anti-Americanism that has come out of Congress so many times while she has been serving in the Senate. I want someone who has really fought the battles. Has she done this? If so, why have I consistently missed noticing? Of course, Rick Perry has tried to cram the Trans-Texas Corridor along with Comprehensive Development Agreements and Public-Private Partnerships down our throats. Now he is sounding very strongly about states' rights. Where is Hutchison going to stand on those issues?

Anonymous said...

Folks should give Debra Medina a serious look. Kay was asked at a meet and greet in Athens, TX about her stance on abortion. She didn't say "I'm against it". She said, "I've got a 94% pro life record and I believe we should protect the life of the mother and the child". This doesn't really answer the question, it leaves me with more questions. Debra Medina is solid on this issue: "Life begins at conception and ends at natural death".

Clint said...

She has not been a strong conservative. If you look close at her record AND at bills she co-sponsored and compare that to the constitution, she is sorely lacking. And why did she vote for the bailout? That was one of the most unconstitutional bills in America. I'm voting for Debra Medina.