Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Just How Gullible are Republicans, Anyway?

The Perry-Hutchison race is already getting ugly. And Perry seems to thrive in an ugly campaign. That is because he is the consummate politician, and politicians (Bill Clinton comes to mind) can look you in the eye and tell you what they think you want to hear. Perry is charming the Republican primary voters with his Texas drawl, and they seem to be falling for it hook, line, and sinker. And I have to laugh at these poor, gullible folks who say, with a straight face, that Perry is a conservative. If Perry, who served as presidential candidate Al Gore’s 1988 campaign manager in Texas, thought that he needed to be pro-choice in order to win, he would change positions so fast your head would spin. One recent article accuses Perry of having a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde personality.
Governor Perry says one thing, then does something completely different. And it's a pattern.

Perry believes that because he is pro-life, that all of his other non-conservative tendencies, observed over his ten years in office, will be overlooked by the primary voters. While KBH has a 97% pro-life voting record, that is not good enough for some Texas voters. And the same short-sighted Republicans who gave us President Obama because of their refusal to support Senator John McCain could cause Texas to end up with a Democrat governor. Perry only got 39% of the vote in his last election. And he didn’t exactly have an impressive legislative session this time around.

So the question that will be answered in this 2010 Texas Republican primary is whether a squishy politician who hides behind a pro-life mantra (because it is the only thing that matters to some primary voters) can beat a conservative statesman who is honest about her views, whether you agree with her or not, and follows through on her promises.

And for those who continue to insist that Rick Perry is a conservative, I ask the following questions:

Would a conservative have signed the margins tax bill into law which taxes small businesses, whether or not those businesses make a profit? (When we had our “Texas Tea Party” in Austin in 2006 to protest the margins tax on business, Perry was conspicuously absent.)

Would a conservative have signed the 2001 Hate Crimes Bill into law?

Would a conservative have worked to defeat Texas Supreme Court Justice Steven Wayne Smith, a stellar conservative jurist, as Perry did in 2001?

Would a conservative have made the statement, “Gambling is already happening in Texas, so we might as well legalize it so that we can regulate it,” as he said to me in 2002?

Would a conservative call the construction of a border fence to secure the Texas border “ludicrous”?

Would a conservative have issued an Executive Order, bypassing the legislature, which required 12 year old girls to receive a vaccine for an STD? (Perry’s former chief of staff went to work for the company which manufactures the vaccine.)

Would a conservative have supported the Trans Texas Corridor, as well as its ownership by a foreign entity?

Would a conservative have supported the seizure of private property in order to build the Trans Texas Corridor?

Would a conservative have vetoed legislation passed in 2007 protecting private property owners from eminent domain?

Would a conservative have allowed the ongoing scandals in our Texas State Schools to be an embarrassment to Texas?

Would a conservative have endorsed the only pro-choice candidate for President, Rudy Giuliani, the only pro-choice candidate out of nine possible choices?

The answer to all of these questions is a resounding “No.” If Governor Rick Perry is a conservative, then the word has lost all meaning, and in Texas, with Republicans losing significant ground in the last two elections, we can’t afford to elect a “conservative” like Perry.


Anonymous said...

Rather than argue over which of the non-conservative media darling candidates makes a better conservative wanna be, why not look for a true conservative candidate. There is one out there.

Chris H said...

You're exactly right. Rick isn't a conservative. But tell me this...Would a conservative get snookered into supporting an 850 billion dollar bailout of wall nothing while the Treasury and the Federal Reserve create 12.5 trillion dollars worth of programs to backstop the bad bets that have been made over the last few years? Or would a conservative say "enough is enough" and back SB 604, the senate equivalent of Ron Paul's HR 1207 to audit the Federal Reserve? A bill in which EVERY Republican congressman in this country has signed on as a co-sponser. Rick and Kay can talk all day long. Texans are looking for someone to walk the talk.

Jarrod said...

A conservative wouldn't sit in her Senate Committee meeting and applaud Secretary Geithner for the new financial regulations, despite the fact that those regulations will expand the power of the Federal Reserve and destroy any confidence that the market has in our financial system. A conservative would join with her friends in the House to co-sponsor the companion to HR 1207 (which has over 260 co-sponsors in the House), The Federal Reserve Sunshine Act, S 604.
A conservative wouldn't have voted FOR the GIVE Act, which has the Federal Government telling the State managed schools that their students MUST volunteer like some Fascist States of old.
Is Perry a Conservative? Probably not. Is Hutchison even acting like a Conservative who appreciates State's Rights or possesses a basic understanding of economics? Nope.
We Texans will stand up on Primary Day and tell Austin and Washington insiders that we won't accept the same old tired rhetoric and we'll vote for Debra Medina.
And, Denise, return my phone calls.

Denise McNamara said...

Because you do not believe KBH is the perfect candidate, your support of an unelectable candidate will help Governor Perry get reelected. Medina is not a perfect candidate either, because she cannot win. This refusal to face reality only hurts the GOP. That is how we ended up with Obama. Ron Paul got what percentage of the vote?

Chris H said...

You speak of 'unelectable' in a race that requires a majority to win. That's simple ignorance of the process. A vote for your conscience does the same to prevent Perry from getting elected as does a vote for the lesser of two evils. Both do the same to prevent Perry from receiving over 50% of the vote.

Your attitude reminds me of the quote: When you say "that's impossible" what you're really saying is "I don't know how."

That the Austin Tea Party unrelentingly boo'd Senator Hutchison's more conservative colleague tells me that Texas is tired of it.

It's not impossible. You just don't know how.

Denise McNamara said...

If Debra Medina becomes the Governor of Texas, then I will tatoo the words "I am ignorant" on my forehead.

Anonymous said...

"your support of an unelectable candidate will help Governor Perry get reelected" - funny, my Perry friends are saying supporting Medina will elect KBH!

Looking at the poll numbers - KBH has no chance. Neither does Perry really, but no, he has double the support than KBH has. So we shouldn't fear having neither of them in office anymore; especially with the tea party movement behind us!

Key political strategists in TX and in the nation are saying this is the year for a dark horse to unseat a long-standing incumbent in TX. We know KBH can't win against Perry. We know Perry can't pull more than 30% in the general election (ref all that is cataloged in this article); so why are we basically working for Kinky or that Schiefer guy to be Governor? This time around it could be one of them winning with just 39% of the vote!

Let's stop the insanity, the time is right for We Texans to arise, unite and say "enough is enough" and do the "impossible" because then the "impossible" all of a sudden becomes reality doesn't it?! It's happening already. History is being made. Be a part of it!

freedomchick67 said...

'Unelectable'.....Who decides which candidates are "unelectable"? I believe the answer to that is "We do." Maybe it is a matter of changing our thinking. If more people of influence who believe in our Constitution stood up for what is right instead of standing for those who don't deserve our support, both Perry and Hutchison would be "unelectable".

We "ended up with Obama" because we tried to force those who believe in Republican principles into supporting a candidate who clearly does not.....i.e. John McCain. Refusal to understand these concepts and settling for leaders who lack integrity is what hurt and will continue to hurt the GOP.

So, which is it? You are an amazing woman of accomplishment. What are your values and beliefs? Where do you stand? Can you in good conscience support those whom you know do not represent your values and beliefs? Or will you choose to change the world?

Read said...

Denise, you say "That is how we ended up with Obama." No, how we got Obama is people believed your rhetoric and voted for who they *thought* could win. I don't know a single person who has honestly told me that McCain was their first choice as a candidate or who felt he personified their principles. But by golly, they voted for him in the primary because they followed the media and the other people like you who said you must vote for the person who can win.

That is why Obama is in the White House. Because REAL conservatives did not vote for their principles in the Primary. Isn't that where we Republicans are supposed to vote our principles before we all get in line behind "our" candidate in November?

Denise McNamara said...

I didn't want McCain; if you recall I worked for Fred Thompson. Fred could have won the general election.

Read said...

Denise, I never said you supported McCain. What I said is that rhetoric like you have in this post is what gave us McCain and consequently put Obama in the White House.

Any true conservative could have won the general election. That's the point. The thing we need to do is NOT look at "who's electable," whatever that means at this point in time. We need to vote for the person that most closely matches OUR PRINCIPLES! The Primary, we are always told, is OUR chance to make that statement. The general election is the time to get behind our CANDIDATE. At least that's what this Republican Precinct Chair has always been told.

Jarrod said...

Yes, you were a Fredhead, but, when it came time for the RNC, you wouldn't entertain the idea of not voting for McCain.

Denise, it's not too late to jump ship. The Medina Campaign could use your experience. You are always welcome in the true conservative, limited government, and State Sovereignty camp.

Anonymous said...

Fred Thompson could never have won the general election because the powers that be wouldn't allow that to happen. Wake up! KBH is a member a the Council of Foreign Relations. If you've never heard of it, I suggest you google it.

Anonymous said...

Fred Thompson could never have won the general election. The powers that be would never have let that happen. WAKE UP! KBH is a member of the Council of Foreign Relations. If you aren't familiar with this, I suggest you google it.