Friday, July 24, 2009

Consequences of Losing: Soaring Debt, Socialism, Sotomayor

If you're like me, you may be feeling pretty depressed right now. Things do not look good for America. Just tune in to Glenn Beck, and you may end up drowning your sorrows in cookie dough. How did we get into this mess? At the risk of beating a dead horse, here is my opinion on the cause of our current state of affairs.

Remember when many Republicans said that they would never vote for John McCain? Do you recall how the Ron Paul folks would not admit defeat even after the primary was long over? Have you been guilty of being less than enthused about the GOP and its efforts and candidates? While many of us suffered from some form of apathy during the last election cycle(s), let’s take this time to absorb just how bad things have gotten under the Obama administration.

Everyone agrees, Democrats and Republicans alike, that a nuclear attack on our country would be the most significant game changer in the history of the world. And we have many enemies who want to accomplish just that. North Korea is conducting nuclear weapons testing and firing missiles as Kim Jong Il completely ignores President Obama. North Korea is conspiring with other countries, most recently Myanmar. Iran is reportedly buying uranium. President Obama has taken sides with Iran over Israel. The Obama Administration is conducting a world apology tour. Spending on missile defense is being cut. Our national security is in shambles. Would any of this have happened under a President McCain? Definitely not.

The next Supreme Court Justice is an avowed judicial activist and racist. National debt is skyrocketing. Unemployment is closing in on ten percent. Our President has appointed so many czars that we can’t keep up, and they are accountable to no one but Obama. Can you say "shadow government"? And now the President has set his sights on health care, which creates a government-run advisory board which will decide who lives and who dies. After all, it's that expensive end-of-life care that is causing all of our problems in health care, right? With Obamacare, senior citizens will be required to undergo "dying with dignity" counseling sessions. Grandma and Grandpa, be prepared to be given a death sentence. Since John McCain and his mother are both senior citizens, President McCain would never have endorsed such a radical idea. With every appointment, proposal, and agenda, Obama is exposed to be not only a liberal, but an extremist.

A former political purist, my years as an activist have taught me one important lesson: There is no perfect candidate. The school of thought which advocates only voting for a candidate with whom you are in 100% agreement is not only naive, but harmful to our country. Ten years ago I might have voted for a third-party candidate. Now I look at the consequences of losing an election. Ross Perot gave us Bill Clinton. That was bad, but not this bad. What we are now seeing in America are some pretty grave consequences. I have friends who supported Ron Paul and Duncan Hunter and Tom Tancredo. They are all good men. Because of the nature of campaigns, none of them had the ability to win. Most Americans do not live, breathe, and sleep politics, like some of us do. Most Americans are too busy trying to support their families. When they hear sound bites about universal health care, they like what they hear. But neither they, nor Congress apparently, have read the proposed legislation. Here is the Obama strategy: submit proposed legislation so voluminous that it's impossible to absorb, set a deadline, and force a vote before anyone can raise an alarm. It worked on the economic stimulus package. If our elected representatives are not reading legislation, we sure can't expect the average voter to read it.

I know that I’ve beaten this horse to death, but that is only because I believe it so strongly: the consequences of losing to a candidate like Barack Obama are grave. When it came down to a choice between John McCain and Obama, the choice should have been clear. But some purists could not support John McCain. Look where we are today. The vision of this President is to fundamentally transform America; to reorganize our country in the way he used to re-organize communities. Thus far, Obama has won every battle. Cap and trade and health care are next on his agenda. (While Obama has suffered a setback on healthcare, don’t trust the Blue Dogs to stop it from passing in the fall.) Republicans do not have the votes to stop these destructive bills from becoming law. Most Americans aren’t paying close attention. We are in deep trouble. So in deciding whom to support in future elections, I urge all of my fellow conservatives to remember the advice of our favorite President, Ronald Reagan: “My eighty-percent friend is not my twenty-percent enemy.” And, as unfortunate as it is, purists in politics don’t get very far.

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Sue said...

Amen, Sister. Anyone who did not vote for McCain should be kicking themselves right about now.