Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Obama's Matrix: Red or Blue, which will Americans Choose?

Call me Trinity. While I don’t walk around wearing skin-tight latex, I do like wearing black (it’s slimming) and cool sunglasses. And when given the choice between reality and fantasy, I choose reality.

Just as in the 1999 movie The Matrix, all of us are given a choice. We choose between the red pill or the blue pill. It is always easier to swallow the blue pill. If you desire to ignore reality, to awaken each morning believing that things will continue as they always have, that Americans will always live comfortable, secure lives, and that we can trust the government to take care of us, then you have swallowed the blue pill. Welcome to Obama’s Matrix. You can’t handle the truth.

If, however, you feel that things are not as they seem, and you don’t trust the assurances coming from our President that the economy is recovering and that we need only to talk to our enemies to gain world peace, then you have chosen the red pill. The red pill is for those of us who ask questions, who are inquisitive, and who want the truth, no matter how grim. In The Matrix, the character Trinity helped search for The One, named Neo, who would stop The Matrix. Conservatives seek leadership. We understand that the Matrix is an illusion. And it must be stopped.

The fact that the colors red and blue are also used to represent the Democrat and Republican parties seems amazingly appropriate, under our current circumstances. Who will be our leader, our Neo? The GOP has its Cyphers, such as Arlen Specter, who become traitors to the cause. Who among us will prove to be The Oracle? Newt Gingrich is our most prominent visionary. When asked about the 2012 Republican primary, Rush Limbaugh declined to name his favorite candidate. The search continues.

Whether our President has actually swallowed the blue pill and believes what he says, or whether he is intentionally manipulating Americans into believing in a false reality remains to be seen. Rahm Emanuel makes a perfect Agent Smith, enforcing policy and squelching rebellion. In the Matrix, no one has ever survived a standoff with Agent Smith until Neo. Again, who will be the GOP’s Neo?

There is no question that the blue pill offers comfort and complacency. Ignorance is bliss. Are Americans so addicted to comfort that they would rather avoid reality and swallow the blue pill? Would they rather buy into the propaganda from the Administration and the main stream media that the economy is on the mend, that all of our problems were caused by President Bush and that we need only to trust President Obama to “fix” them? It takes work to sift through the spin coming out of D.C. Most voters won’t take the time to research the facts behind the speeches. It’s more convenient to take the blue pill. In the United States today, we have a President who traveled overseas and spoke in Cairo, claiming that the U.S. could be considered, “one of the largest Muslim countries in the world.” He stated that there are seven million American Muslims, when according to the CIA World Factbook, there are in fact only 1.8 million. Welcome to the Matrix.

In Obama’s version of reality, he can claim to have “saved or created” 150,000 jobs, a number that is impossible to prove by any objective measure. The Department of Labor does not keep any statistics on “saved” jobs. Our President promises to “save or create” an additional 600,000 jobs. If you are one of the 9.4 percent unemployed, get that blue pill ready. If you take into account the additional unemployed who have stopped looking for work or who have settled for part-time employment, the jobless rate climbs to over 16 percent. Republican leaders, much like Morpheus, know that we are on the wrong track. They are attempting to captain the GOP ship, but the blue-pill-popping public doesn’t want to hear bad news. And the media, evidently addicted to blue pills, won’t ask the tough questions.

For Israel, who is being told to stop home building, to stop growth in their settlements, to plan on giving up more land, to cede even more for the sake of “peace,” the blue pill offers little comfort. To car dealers who have been in business for decades, who are profitable, and who are now being forced to shut down their businesses, the blue pill is a bitter pill indeed. And for Muslim girls who are not allowed to attend school or be seen in public, one can only imagine that they would jump at a chance to escape such a repressive reality by simply swallowing a pill. Yes, the blue pill is easy. The red pill is not. Yet conservatives remember that freedom has never been easy. While at times we are all tempted, like Cypher, to return to the Matrix, to choose the easy way, to swallow the blue pill, we cannot. We must take our red pill, continue the resistance, and expose Obama’s Matrix. And we must be on the lookout for our Neo. 2012 is just around the corner.


Anonymous said...

Awesome analogy, Denise. I choose the red pill!

Anonymous said...

This is great! Love The Matrix, and we all need to choose the red pill :).