Sunday, April 26, 2009

Age of Propaganda - End of Main Stream Media

Just tune in to MSNBC. You will not hear news; you will hear propaganda. The same can be said for CNN, Headline News, and ABC, CBS, and NBC. FoxNews has a reputation for being biased to the right, although I have never heard their hard-news reporters slant a story. Most news reports, however, whether they are in the New York Times or the Dallas Morning News, are noticeably slanted. We are living in the age of propaganda. And it is causing the downfall of newspapers and mainstream media across the country. In a recent speech to my Republican Women’s club, Texas Railroad Commissioner Michael Williams, when asked about media bias, said he is not worried. He pointed out that new media is taking over. And he is right.

Contrary to the views of Anderson Cooper and Katie Couric, most Americans are not progressive (the new euphemism for liberal). We don’t believe that marriage should be re-defined as a union between two persons of the same sex. We don’t believe that our daughters should be allowed to obtain the “morning-after pill” when they are minors. We don’t want government schools unduly influencing the values of our children. Yet, we and our children are bombarded with the message that we are “uncool” if we don’t agree with these politically correct viewpoints. And the pressure is growing daily, especially for our youth.

Donald Trump’s Miss USA Pageant drove the point home last week when gay blogger Perez Hilton posed the question to Miss California about whether she believed in same-sex marriage. According to Hilton, Miss Prejean lost the crown because of her personal opinion, based on her religious beliefs, that marriage should be between one man and one woman. She was first runner-up; she is now a conservative star. Since when do we tolerate religious bigotry against a beauty contestant who states her personal opinion? Evidently, that time has come.

Fortunately, most Americans have plugged in to the “new media.” Online news sites and blogs provide more detailed, objective reporting than traditional media sources. Consumers have choices when it comes to obtaining their information, and main stream media is suffering to the point of bankruptcy. And while I will miss having a hard copy of a traditional newspaper to read, I can’t say that they deserve to remain in business. They have brought this on themselves, and unless they present all sides in an objective fashion, they do not warrant our patronage. It is a shame, but the media elite have lost touch with mainstream America. There is a growing divide, and new media fills that gap. RIP MSM.

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