Saturday, March 28, 2009

What's Up with Democrats and Definitions?

Not so long ago we had a President who said, with a straight face, “It depends on what the meaning of the word “is” is.” Well, a Democrat is back in the White House, and guess what? As Ronald Reagan said about Jimmy Carter, “Here he goes again.” In the Obama administration, words such as “war” and “terrorists” are being scrapped in favor of less offensive euphemisms. (See the Obama-Matic Euphemism Generator.) According to a Pentagon directive, The Global War on Terror will now be called the "Overseas Contingency Operation." Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano declared that acts of terrorism would be renamed "man-caused disasters." Welfare payments have been renamed “tax cuts.” Earmarks now fall under the title “stimulus.” Wealthy now means anyone who makes over $250,000. And one trillion dollars in government spending is now viewed as routine. Up is down and down is up.

Democrats intend to eliminate any phrase associated with the Bush Administration, hence the new terminology. President Obama has a much more sophisticated way of expressing himself, after all. He has stated that he intends to shift away from terminology that is “overly militaristic.” While Obama is sending more troops into Afghanistan, you won’t hear it referred to as a “surge.” And though his agenda aims to expand government and nationalize private business, he denies any tendency towards socialism.

History will judge both President Bush and President Obama. While President Bush may have been criticized for his occasional lack of fluency in speech, you always knew where he stood on policy. With Obama, we have the exact opposite: He may speak fluently, but it is very difficult to get to the bottom of exactly what he is proposing. He is working fast to implement his agenda on every front. The economic stimulus bill is still not understood fully, and any negative effects will no doubt be explained away by the Obama team. Euphemisms and flowery speeches aside, there are real consequences to the wide-ranging plans of Obama. And those consequences will be apparent soon enough. The way things are going, Obama may be the president known more for his obfuscations than for his accomplishments.

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