Monday, March 2, 2009

Texas Governor's Race Heats Up

I have always supported Governor Rick Perry in his previous campaigns, just as I have always supported Senator Hutchison in hers.

In 2006, many of us encouraged Senator Hutchison to wait for four more years before making her gubernatorial run. Wisely, she chose to avoid the fight and allow Governor Perry to serve for four more years, making him the longest-serving Governor in Texas history.

Now, in a move that has perplexed many Republicans, Governor Perry seems dead bent on running for Governor again. Because of his already long term of service, because of issues, and because of doubts about his ability to win the general election, many of us hope that he will reconsider his ill-advised campaign.

Thus far, Governor Perry has chosen to personally attack Senator Hutchison at every turn. In his latest move, his campaign has requested records on Senator Hutchison's husband, Ray.

We all know that politics can be a nasty business. All the more reason for Republicans in Texas to encourage Governor Perry to withdraw, just as we did with KBH in 2006. Candidates can go overboard with personal attacks, but Gov. Perry’s personal attack on Senator Hutchison’s husband is troubling.

People expect a discussion of records and issues in a campaign, not personal attacks and childish name calling from a sitting Governor.

These are challenging times that call for extraordinary leadership. My hope is that both campaigns conduct themselves civilly over the next 12 months. Voters are tired of politics as usual, and Republicans attacking Republicans, or their spouses, is the last thing that we need.

Texans want a grown-up debate about the future, not empty charges against spouses and juvenile cheap shots from the Governor’s office.

Please join me in thanking Governor Rick Perry for his years of service and congratulating him on making history in Texas. Let's hope that he will not seek another term, and that he will do what is best for the Republican Party in Texas by making a graceful exit from public service.

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West Texan said...

I see where you are coming from, but Kay Bailey is just not a reliable Republican. Forgetting the fact that she has endorsed Roe v. Wade many times over the years, she has also voted with the Democrats a lot this past two months. She went on TV and couldn't decide if Bush or Clinton was a better president. She has voted to expand socialized health care many times. I just can't really trust her is all I am saying. Perry is reliable, has a great track record, and has basically proven himself by the results. Texas is kicking the nation's tail because of some of the tough choices he has made. I don't see her making tough choices when the heat is on. I see her siding with the popular mainstream media opinion. Again, that's just my two cents.