Thursday, March 12, 2009

Democrats attempt to "Palinize" Jindal and Steele

Why are some Republicans Helping?

Democrats seem to have perfected a formidable strategy for removing credible threats to their new power: Take every talented, up-and-coming GOP Star and turn him/her into a bad joke. Meanwhile we have a President who is in so far over his head that the Peter Principle analogy seems inadequate. It looks like the joke is on us.

In our ADD, media-driven, sound bite culture, the majority of Americans do not investigate to find out whether allegations are indeed grounded in fact. If Keith Olbermann, Tina Fey, or Will Ferrell says it, it must be true. That’s how we’ve come to believe that Governor Sarah Palin is an incompetent, uneducated, unaccomplished Mom who somehow became Governor, while Barack Obama is a deep-thinking, problem-solving genius who deserves to be President. Remember when Matt Damon said that Governor Palin reminded him of a bad Disney movie: Hockey Mom becomes Governor? What about Community Organizer becomes President? It just doesn’t have the same ring.

What is disheartening is that Republicans who want to be popular assist liberals in their attacks. Some conservatives jumped on the bandwagon with the liberals in attacking Governor Palin. Mistakes were made, she erred at times, but in the midst of the campaign, criticism from fellow Republicans was devastating. Now we have Republicans attempting to derail RNC Chair Michael Steele. Chairman Steele deserves our loyalty. It seems some conservatives want to derail him before he begins. Many of those Republicans supported someone else for RNC Chairman. It is time for them to get behind Steele. Where is the teamwork? The GOP will never regain the majority if we cannot get past internal struggles for power. President Obama is bungling everything from economic policy to our special relationship with the British, and Republicans need to focus their criticism on him.

Governor Jindal was criticized for his national speech by both Democrats and Republicans. Bobby Jindal is a formidable threat to Democrats; he is a brilliant and courageous conservative, and to judge him by his delivery of one speech is crazy. Somehow along the way Republicans have forgotten what it means to be loyal. Disagreements on issues are going to happen, but when the going gets tough, we must hang together. Remember that the GOP lost everything in the last two elections. It is not like things could get much worse for the Republican Party. Change is good, and it is impossible to turn a ship around overnight, especially one the size of the RNC. For some reason, Republicans seem to relish criticizing their own. We continuously employ the circular firing squad. Look where it’s gotten us. We have lost all semblance of teamwork and party loyalty. Yes, I know I will hear from some of you that the party has not deserved our loyalty, but at some point we must realize that the alternative party is much, much worse. Have you noticed how the Democrats have governed for the last 45 days?

Both Michael Steele and Bobby Jindal are GOP stars, and the Democrats desperately want to make them irrelevant and ineffective. Let’s stop helping them. Every single one of our Republican officeholders and leaders is going to do something at some point with which we disagree. But my goodness, we have to stop expecting perfection. There is no perfect conservative. Our only option is to go with the elected leaders we currently have, communicate with them as often as possible, support them publicly, and prepare for 2010. Despite the Democrats’ legislative successes in passing their stimulus and their budget, President Obama is flailing. His counterfeit message of hope and change is being exposed. Let’s focus our criticism where it belongs.


Anonymous said...

Why do we attack each other. It is like Gov Perry's people researching Sen Hutchison's husband. When is it going to end!!!!!!!

Frustrated in Houston

Chris H said...

We attack each other because the vocal minority of the party has yet to realize that attacking Obama for continuing and accelerating Bush's policies is a bit transparent to voters. The Republican Party needs to repudiate its deviations from a principled based message and return to it's roots where the discussion is between liberty and order not my special interests v your special interests.