Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Boehner, Cantor, McConnell, Kyl …Do you have a Plan?

As hard as it is to believe, it has only been a month and a half since the inauguration. President Obama is sailing through his wish list. Most of his nominees were confirmed despite serious questions regarding their qualifications, competence, and background. His gigantic economic stimulus passed easily. His omnibus budget plan seems to have the votes. So with two years left until the next election, what can Republicans do to slow down Obama’s left-wing bullet train? Do Republicans have a plan?

House Republican Leader John Boehner, Republican Whip Eric Cantor, Senate Minority Leader Mitchell McConnell, and Senate Republican Whip John Kyl hold the leadership positions in the U.S. House and Senate. We must send them this message: Forget bipartisanship. Start leading.

Republicans in D.C. must pull out all the stops. It is time to employ every political tactic, parliamentary procedure, public relations opportunity, and legislative roadblock in an attempt to preserve what’s left of our free market economy and national security. While we do not have the votes, we simply cannot just sit by and watch this train wreck. Surely conservatives in Washington will not continue to conduct business as usual. Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. There has been a saying among U.S. Senators regarding the option of changing the rules in the Senate; it has been called “going nuclear.” Although we are the minority party, if there is a way for the minority to go “nuclear,” now is the time. Let's get creative.

If President Obama continues on this trajectory, we may not recognize our own country by the time November 2010 rolls around. So join with me in contacting our leaders and asking them to do everything in their power to thwart the Democrats in their attempts to further nationalize, socialize, tax, and disarm our country. Ask the simple question: Do you have a plan? If they don’t, they need to step down and give someone else a chance to lead.


Anonymous said...

For heavens sakes.....get in there and do something for our country to keep it free and under the constitution! Republicans and Conservatives unite!!

Anonymous said...

We are losing everything due to lack of leadership. Who will rise up?

Jarrod said...

Don't forget that Pete Sessions and John Cornyn lead the House and Senate Republicans, so they should have a plan, too.
I agree that the plan should include actually acting like a Republican for the next two years, but I think, for some, it's too late. When Sessions, Cornyn, and Hutchison voted for the Failout, they sentenced Dallas County Republicans to a loss. "Why vote Republican when they're just going to act like Democrats? At least the Dems tell us their Socialist." How am I supposed to tell voters that Bill Keffer is a real Republican when the most visible Republicans aren't acting like Republicans?
I also think that our own local Republican Party needs to have a heck of a plan, too. I have yet to hear it, which is odd, since I'm a Precinct Chair. I also think that the Executive Committee should have a significant say in the plan, but, again, I haven't been included in that conversation. Considering I know a bunch of potential Republicans, I think I should have a place at the table.
My step-dad told me about an article that said that Texas has no leadership and/or voice in the Republican Party. We need to fix that. I think we'll have a great candidate for governor who will be a great leader for Texas Republicans (and I'm not talking about Rick Perry or Kay Bailout Hutchison).