Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Will the Dems Destroy our Intelligence Capabilities Again?

President Jimmy Carter did it; President Bill Clinton did it; and now just when our intelligence capabilities have improved to the point where we have stopped any further attacks on our homeland for the last seven years, here comes another Democrat President to do it again.

President-Elect Obama's choice of former Congressman Leon Panetta as Director of the CIA has some very experienced intelligence experts shaking their heads. Michael Scheurer, former CIA Bin Laden Task Force Chief, believes that the attacks by Al Qaeda prior to and including the WTC attacks on 9/11 were able to be carried out only because of weakened intelligence capabilities.

The Obama administration seems determined to erase the progress that has been so successful in the Bush administration. Attacks have been thwarted; how many we'll never know. Vice President Cheney made the point that President Bush will never get credit for things that didn't happen. But I give him credit, and all Americans should. He has kept us safe. This selection of Panetta, who has no background, no experience, and no backbone for this kind of work, is a very bad omen. Scheurer made the prediction, while being interviewed by Bill O'Reilly tonight, that he believes we will be attacked again within the year. Does President-Elect Obama realize the consequences of becoming lax with our homeland security? It doesn't seem that he does.

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