Friday, January 2, 2009

Memo to RNC Members: The Republican Party Needs a Champion

In the race for the new RNC Chairman, all of the candidates promise to focus on improving the ground game, utilizing technology, and building state party infrastructure. That’s all well and good. But the primary problem with the GOP has not been the lack of a strong party structure. To quote the famous line from the movie Cool Hand Luke, “What we have here is a failure to communicate.” We need an RNC Chairman who will champion our principles through every available means day in and day out. President Bush has not done it. Senator McCain has not done it. Our Republican congressional leaders have not done it. Which candidate for the RNC job will be our champion? That has to be the number one priority. Once we have a champion, contributions and volunteers will follow.

Many of the RNC Chair candidates seem to realize that our conservative principles, if articulated properly, will win elections. So the question to ask them is: How will you break through the liberal media bias to get our message to the voters? How often will you appear on television? How often will you write commentaries for publication? What is your media plan to deliver the conservative message of the GOP? How will you become a household name and help re-brand the Republican Party?

The Republican Party has a product to sell: Our platform. Over the past two election cycles we have lost market share. Voters have forgotten what it means to be a Republican. Republican leaders have not supported our own platform. We have not differentiated ourselves from the Democrats. Many of our GOP leaders voted for the financial bailout. How do the candidates for RNC Chair plan to differentiate our party from the opposition? Unlike many skeptical Americans, I believe that there is a difference between Republicans and Democrats. How will the next chairman illustrate that difference?

The 168 RNC Members must focus on selecting a Chairman who will champion our cause fearlessly and effectively through every possible media outlet. Successful fundraising and organizing will only be accomplished when the voters have a reason to believe in the GOP again. Communication must be the number one priority in our next RNC Chairman. So, RNC Members, ask yourselves this question: Who will be our champion?


Anonymous said...

You are so right, Denise!

Armadillo said...

As usual you are so right on Denise! Our party symbol should be changed to a RINO if they don't come back to our platform! Personally, I've stopped giving to the global GOP and give only to individuals who share my views, and that may not be a Republican any more!

Jim said...

Why don't you run for a leadership position on the RNC???

Anonymous said...

Ever think about running for the Texas Party Chair? We certaiy need help there.

Brian Boettcher said...

GOP needs a champion, to be sure, and it needs to clarify its principles. Sorry to say the GOP is now identified with economic disarray, confused/panicked crisis leadership, and bailouts. Americans have lost $3 trillion in wealth - great for house flippers, really lousy for pensioners' IRAs. A policy of loose money spent freely by government is a recipe for hyper-inflation. And that's all just for openers.

What does being a Republican mean after the past eight years? What are we standing for anymore? Let's get all that clear before a champion emerges.