Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Name is McNamara; May I be Secretary of Defense?

Seriously, I would LOVE to be the Secretary of Defense. But chances are that I would be deemed "unqualified." Probably because I've never served in the military. Life is so unfair.

Caroline Kennedy’s foray into politics has not gone well so far. Saying “you know” almost two hundred times in a thirty minute interview revealed Caroline’s surprising lack of eloquence. Imagine the SNL skits had Governor Palin exhibited such a verbal tic. Where is Tina Fey now? But the fact that Ms. Kennedy believes that she can suddenly announce her intention to become a United States Senator and then expect to be appointed forthwith reveals Kennedy’s sense of entitlement. No last name, no matter how revered, should allow one to lay claim to an office that one has not earned. Sarah Palin worked hard and was elected to her positions as City Councilwoman, as Mayor, and as Governor. Caroline Kennedy barely shows up to vote.

There is a good chance that the Governor of New York, who no doubt would like the support of Ms. Kennedy in future elections, will make her the next Senator. If he doesn’t, there may be repercussions. But he shouldn’t. She does not have the experience. She does not have the eloquence. She doesn’t even have the voting record. We are a meritocracy, not a monarchy. Kennedy or no Kennedy. And speaking of experience, what about Leon Panetta? Seriously.

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