Monday, January 26, 2009

Dallas Morning News: Burn after Reading

Occasionally on a Sunday morning the time-honored ritual of reading an actual newspaper while drinking your coffee is hard to resist. Reading online is just not the same. So it was that yesterday I settled in to enjoy the Sunday edition of The Dallas Morning News. After all, newspapers are slowly going broke; they need our support. Like newspapers nationwide, the DMN has been struggling and is now in talks to merge with the Fort Worth Star Telegram. So I bought the Sunday paper. And it brought back to mind all the reasons why we canceled our subscription in the first place.

First I learned that, according to Bill McKibben, a scholar from Vermont, our planet is now “past the boiling point.” He writes that there is absolutely no doubt that man-made global warming is occurring, and the only problem is that it may be too late. Humans and their SUVs are causing the earth to superheat, and we are all going to perish. Well, Mr. McKibben, while you may be a “scholar,” there are multitudes of scientists who disagree, and as earth prepares to enter a period of solar maximum, the consensus is that man does not cause climate change; the sun does. Oh, and right now the earth is experiencing global cooling.

Reporter Todd Gillman wrote about Senator John Cornyn’s “attack dog” status since he had the audacity to ask the question that every one of our U.S. Senators should be asking: How will contributions from foreign entities made to Bill Clinton’s Foundation influence Hillary as Secretary of State? Senator Cornyn is also criticized for questioning whether Attorney General Eric Holder will prosecute former Bush Administration officials who acted in our country’s best interest to protect us from terrorists. Oh, and Senator Cornyn delayed confirmation of Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, the man who cheated on his taxes, abolished vital credit risk assessments while serving as President of the New York Fed, and who will probably now be confirmed to head up the IRS and the trillion dollar financial “stimulus” plan. Yes, Senator Cornyn is on the attack. Thank goodness for the Senator. The question should be: Where are the other Senators on these crucial questions?

There were several other liberally slanted and offensive “news” items, but the final straw was the full-page article by Chris Vognar, Dallas Morning News movie critic, who writes,
“…disdain for public disclosure and a legacy of secrecy are just a few of the qualities shared by the administrations of George W. Bush and Richard M. Nixon.” He also believes that President Bush was “Nixon without the skill.” This is the first Sunday edition since George and Laura moved back to Texas. Welcome to Dallas, Mr. President.

Although I like to do the New York Times Crossword, there was not much in Sunday’s paper that made it worth the time. To survive, the Morning News needs more substance, less bias, and higher quality writing. The liberal slant permeating the Dallas Morning News is no doubt one of the reasons for its decline in circulation. Just as the New York Times is struggling, the days of old-time newspapers may be numbered. Online news sites and blogs are more timely, balanced, and informative. And if I want to read an actual newspaper, there’s always The Wall Street Journal.

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Barbara H. said...

Three uses for the Dallas Morning News.

1. Paper training a puppy.
2. Starting a campfire.
3. Birdcage liner.