Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's Time to Send an S.O.S. to the GOP

Strong Defense, Outlaw Earmarks, Stop Spending/Taxing

Everyone agrees that Republicans have gotten off message. Since the ’06 election defeat when we lost control of Congress, GOP leaders have paid lip service to Ronald Reagan and conservative core principles. So how did Republicans react when asked to support a huge government takeover of failing corporations? The majority of Republicans voted yes. And once again in ’08, Republicans lost.

It is not rocket science, folks. Americans want safety. Americans want accountability. And Americans want lower taxes. Those three principles should be no-brainers for all members of the Republican Party. The idea of printing more money to bail out failing businesses is crazy. We are the party of fiscal responsibility, yet for the years in which we controlled the Executive and the Legislative Branches of government, spending and earmarks increased dramatically. GOP voters became disillusioned, and the bailout vote confirmed their worst fears. Right here in Texas a Republican-controlled Legislature and a Republican Governor, Republican Lieutenant Governor, and Republican Speaker of the House allowed a new business margins tax to become law. Now they want to try to “fix” it during this next legislative session. Good luck.

Our Republican elected officials have forgotten their mission. We need to send an S.O.S. to our Congressmen and to our Senators and to our State Legislators. Every bill, every proposal should be filtered through the prism of these three principles: Strong Defense, Outlaw Earmarks, Stop Spending/Taxing. Please take the time to write to your elected officials. When they receive even ten letters on a subject, it gets their attention. And it is time for them to listen to the voters. Let's send them an S.O.S.

© Denise K. McNamara 2008


James E. Martin said...

An elite class of politicians has emerged incapable of rolling up thier sleeves to solve problems. The easy fix is to raise taxes and expand government. This elite class is bipartisan unfortunately. I think there is something in the water in DC.

Anonymous said...

I agree; I don't know how Republicans can support this type of foolishness.